Tech Reviews

King Korg: The Jack of All

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding Korg lately, with a seemingly overwhelming amount of too good to be true products soon to be hitting the shelves and with price tags to match I have to say I am gladly one of those riding their wave. The anticipation builds for the release of the MS-20 mini and three bundles of joy going under the name of Volca, meanwhile out of nowhere lands the hefty King Korg. Labeled as a live Synthesizer its fair to say that this latest edition comes across as a Jack of all, a swiss army knife of keyboards if you will, but what is it master of?Unboxing the synth, the hardware appears very straightforward, a 61 note semi weighted keyboard , midi in and out with an uncomplicated interface that most novices with a basic knowledge of synthesis would not feel uncomfortable with.

Tougher Than Charles Bronson!

If like me you like your hardware hardwearing then the Z2 may be the mixer for you. Bringing us there first laptop DJ-tailored mixer Native Instruments keep it simple.

Pioneer XDJ-AERO DJ System

The ground-breaking XDJ-AERO DJ system sets out to change the way DJs play doing away with all those endless cables and connections. The unit allows DJs to load music from up to four devices wirelessly from smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs, removing the hassle of annoying set ups and accidental lead pulling. The audience can even get involved by sending tracks from their own smartphones or tablets, weather that’s a good thing or not is down to you but could certainly make for some interesting sets.

The Best Things Come In Small Packages

Big is not always beautiful, big feet do not always mean big shoes and big hands definitely don’t mean a need for a big midi controller keyboard.Over at Korg things seem to be getting smaller and smaller and the Microkey 25 is certainly no exception. With the MicroKorg synths, the miniKP effects units and nano series of controllers korg certainly have the worlds biggest range of small controllers.

Tested: Ministry of Sound MOS600

The Ministry of Sound MOS600 headphones have a great number of plus points & only a couple of minor negatives. The major plus is quality of sound; the quality and the depth of sound on these cans are great and you can tell Ministry of Sound have crafted them with the DJ in mind!