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Whatever your query, we’re ready to help with anything and everything data transmission related.

Content Team

Grahame Farmer (Editor-in-Chief)

Email Grahame for House / Tech House / Deep Tech / Techno Premieres. Grahame also covers Audio & Video Interviews with artists and all advertising requests. For Grahame’s BOOST Podcast please head to here to listen.

Shelley Dodds (Drum & Bass Editor)

Email Shelley for Drum & Bass / Jungle premieres and also any Drum & Bass features & Interviews.

Andrew Treagust (Music Reviews Editor)
[email protected]

Email Andrew for Reviews of music from House to Techno, please don’t contact for music uploads & premieres.

Contributors for Written Interviews

Our writing team can accept requests for written features and interviews around artist, this doesn’t not include news piece features around singles. Please ONLY email for longer form Interview / Feature Content.