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Reloop Keypad – Inside the board


reloop-keypad-12 copy

There many affordable Midi controllers on the market these days from the hi-end wood finished hybrid-analogue models, to the low-end ruff and ready toy boxes, then some so portable that you can pop it in your pocket and produce where ever you go, with all this choice it’s hard to make the distinction of what is best for you and your work flow.

A lot of midi controllers and keyboards do the same job right across the spectrum of price range and brand so the questions become, is this necessary? Do I actually need this? What does that button do? Things we have all asked ourselves many times, but this is something Reloop have made easy for you.


The Keypad by Reloop is almost self describing in it’s title, it has both a 25 velocity-sensitive keyboard and 16 back-lit drum pads in one but that’s not all this versatile little number includes two different banks for presets, 24 knobs, 8 sliders, on board arpeggiator, DAW synchronisation, piano scale mode, only weighs 1.3 Kilograms, pop in copy of Ableton Live 9 Lite edition all for around £130 and you have bagged yourself a bargain.

Another great feature of the Keypad is the layout, it’s logical, swift and perfect for performing live/ From the drum pads to the chord mode, the weight and the size you will be able to get the most out of this controller in a live performance with ease.

In a nutshell if you use a DAW, want quick, affordable and on-the-fly integration into your system you can’t go wrong with the Keypad by Reloop. It really does everything you need it to and it’s practical and portable.


Compact, affordable, integration with DAWs.


No pitch wheel.


Ideal for on the road performance to the home studio – a bargain for all.



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