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Each week we will be sharing our top 5 plugins to help set up your production to its fullest. This will include Drum Machines, Synthesisers, Mastering Tools And Many More..

1. Neutron Mastering by iZotope

The Neutron mixing plug-in combines five great-sounding new processors with the latest in intelligent metering and analysis. Like having a virtual assistant, Neutron can listen to your audio, identify instruments, and offer tailored starting points for creating powerful mixes with focus and clarity while leaving all the creative control to you. The revolutionary new Masking Meter can help you visually identify frequency collisions between instruments, allowing you to tweak each track so it sits better in the mix. Optimized for mixing, you can use this on dozens of tracks to carve away muddiness and reveal new sonic possibilities in your mixes.


    • Perfect for all musicians and mix engineers
    • Neutron plug-in with with 5 built-in mix modules and limiter
    • Neutrino spectral shaping technology
    • Mix Assistant
    • Masking Meter
    • Neutron Control
    • 500+ professionally designed presets