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Reviewed: Minirigs Bluetooth



It takes a brave company that launch a new tech brand nowadays, particularly when so many industry standards are readily available. The world of home and  – more recently – portable audio has long been dominated by the likes of Bose and Bang & Olufsun (if you’re that way inclined), however with such incredible saturation in the market, other brands still offer valid options. Bristol-based speaker design company Minirigs enter the game with stiff competition then, but with a number years of development and a focus on quality materials – their speakers look as good as they sound – they aren’t messing about.

First things first, the look. The ‘Bluetooth Minirig’ (we can only guess the marketing department weren’t feeling their most creative when naming it) comes in seven colours: silver, red, black, purple, green, gold and blue. Modern and sleek, the cylindrical speakers are stylish without drawing too much attention.

Sporting an extra large 3” driver and powerful 15W amp the pint sized audio powerhouse continues to impress when it comes to sound delivering an incredible beer spilling level of volume whilst retaining clarity. Hand built in the UK, Minirigs claim the speaker to be the loudest portable speaker on the market for its size – a highly mobile 435g – and after extensive use (we managed to get over 40 hours play from a single charge) we’d tend to agree.


Now on to connectivity, the last time we used Bluetooth in the DT office was 2007 and the intern left after those pictures went viral. We kid… she never left and recent years have seen us put a number of portable speakers through their paces with many impressing sonically only to be let down by connectivity issues. The Minirigs Bluetooth suffers with no such issues, coming backed by a host of advanced connectivity options, with in-depth control via its own dedicated Android app with iOS support apparently on the way.

Where the Minirigs Bluetooth really comes into its own however is when it’s connected to the Minirig Portable Subwoofer to deliver a fuller, more bass fuelled sound, which left even the haughtiest of sonic snobs in our office suitably impressed.

At £390 for the for the full 2.1 set up (two bluetooth speakers and the sub) it’s not the cheapest deal in town but is still excellent value and with sounds this good, we think its worth staying in for a couple of Fridays. Case in point, our techno editor has kept the set up in his house for the past few weekends, and keeps sending us drunken texts about it’s stonking pre-party power.

Perfect for those sunny days at the park, post festival tent gatherings or impromptu pre-parties the Minirig Bluetooth is now available globally from www.minirigs.co.uk. Check out out the speakers all singing, all dancing promo video below. It more than justifies the hype.





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