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Reviewed: Circoloco x Loveland at ADE


Loveland Events, a Dutch dance brand, teamed up with Circoloco on 21st October to bring the booming, bassy, minimal yet groovy sound of Ibiza back to Amsterdam for an ADE 2017 party.

But, October is after the end of the festival season?! I hear you gasp! ADE proves that festivals don’t have a season, and if they do, they don’t stop when the sun does.

Although it was actually a lot colder than I anticipated in Amsterdam, the presence of ADE in the city brought a warmth along with it; swept up in a breeze of electronic music, an encapsulating eclectic buzz encompassed the narrow, coffee shop filled streets, with some of the world’s most prolific and important artists all in the city at once, an atmosphere of excitement rumbled throughout.

Despite there being events on in every crevice and corner of the Dutch capital, especially on Saturday night, the Circoloco party presented a certain attraction to me, as I wondered how a summer Ibiza club night would thrive in the Autumnal confines of a blustery and mostly rainy October weekend in Amsterdam. I was skeptical and therefore intrigued.

Starting as a Monday club night residency in July 1999 in Ibiza’s club DC10, and becoming a worldwide dance brand, Circoloco deviates from the mainstream club scene within the Spanish island, producing an atmosphere similar to the UK illegal acid house raves of the 90s, bringing a minimalistic and underground sound to Ibiza, constructing a night more comparable to that of a warehouse rave than a commercial club.


Bringing talents from this summer’s residency in Ibiza to ADE, such as Seth Troxler, Jackmaster, Davide Squillace, Damian Lazarus, Matthias Tanzmann, Amir Alexander and Amelie Lens, this event was one full of impeccable talent.

The venue, Mediahaven, was located just outside of the city’s centre, situated in Amsterdam’s western port. A three-room venue with a 4000 person capacity, twelve metre high ceilings, a deep, dark basement and a remarkable sound system and light display throughout, the venue did not disappoint.

The entrance led us through the heavy sound of DJ Tennis in Studio 2 (the second biggest room in the venue), but we decided not to stop, but to be logical; toilet, drinks, explore, dance. After our exploration adventure revealed that the main room (Studio 1) was nearly three times as big as studio 2, and the basement was quite literally, well, a basement, we decided to start our night off by getting into the groovy mood in Studio 1, with Jackmaster B2B Gerd Janson. These two back to back made for an absolute dynamite set.

After a while of dancing in Studio 1, we decided to venture to the basement to see the emerging and utterly brilliant Amelie Lens. The basement was small and restricted and so by the time we arrived it was one in, one out. We waited and finally got in. Walking down a wide corridor, it felt like going into an underground carpark, we turned the corner and the bass hit me like a gust of wind, and I could feel goosebumps rise on my skin. It was dark, smoky, loud and intense; the club setting embodied the energetic and fiery set Amelie Lens delivered.

When we had been satisfied with our heavy techno fix, we returned to Studio 1. As we entered, Robert Hood’s Dancer was being exploded through the speakers. Is there anything more euphoric than walking into a club room with a ridiculously impressive light show and an unrestricted sound system to this iconic track? I don’t think so.

As Jackmaster and Gerd Janson drew their set to a close at 3am, Seth Troxler came stepped up with a sax-tastic intro and was clearly in the ‘start as you mean to go on’ mood, delivering a heavy, fast set keeping the crowd engaged and dancing.

We remained in Studio 1 for the end of Seth Troxler, and the beginning of Matthias Tanzmann B2B with Davide Squillace, who were the perfect duo to close the night.  

Overall, Circoloco lived up to my expectations and more, hosting a night which showcased raw UK and global talent throughout the whole event, in a very apt venue.


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