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Archie Hamilton drops his ‘Wild Thing’ EP


Following the hypnotic ‘What’s In Your Head’ EP in 2016, Archie Hamilton returns to Moscow Records with his first solo EP on the imprint since the release last year. Our attention was immediately grabbed when I heard this new, Moscow has been a label that has steadily built a reputation for quality, well thought out, dance floor tunes that give you something a little extra.

Being the prolific producer that Archie is, releasing new music and remixes left right on centre on other well esteemed labels such as FUSE, where he is now cemented as one of the core residents, you know it’s going to be of the highest order when it’s saved for his own. Some may have noticed the change of artwork on the last release and also the slight change in direction. A little less laid back, a little more direct, a little more energy.

On the ‘Wild Thing’ EP it continues in this vein. Opening with ‘Confusion’ that trademark style he carries so well is evident from the fore. Addictive percussive hits take you into an acid flecked bassline that develops with the repeating vocal towards a breakdown, inducing warm emotion and feeling for the dance floor. Archie demonstrated this so well throughout the summer.

‘Dos Equis’ is a funky, minimal number with a naughty bass guitar line. One for the head nodders and lovers alike a dreamy vocal carries the tune progressing towards reach for the laser synths.

The title track is my pick of the EP, another irresistible groove laden anthem to fit into DJ crates and ravers ear lobes that they will remember long after that peak moment. Once again extraordinary drum patterns are crafted together, locking you into the atmosphere with delicate synth work and the repetitive vocal. You’re let go for a minute before being sucked back in.

After another great year on the rise for Archie Hamilton this is yet more evidence to show why his name is going to be around for a long time.


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