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Debut Transmission News

Premiere: Michael Klein – Blinding Light ft Amelie Lens


‘Hub Three’ is Michael Klein’s first collaborative release featuring Pan-Pot, Amelie Lens, Stephan Hinz and Roman Lindau, coming on Second State Audio.

The EP is filled with melodic, dark beats that captivate the listener into a space of hypnosis and inspiration; it starts with a joint effort between Klein and Pan-Pot with ‘Haze Effect’ and from there, the release flows into the next collaboration with Stephan Hinz in ‘Far Sight’.

Next up in our debut transmission, we hear ‘Blinding Light’, a mix with Amelie Lens, one of the hottest things coming out of Belgium these days with her recent EP release filling dance floors with an unresistable light, up-tempo vibe. ‘Blinding Light’ offers a trance-inducing beat, which feels darker than Lens’ typical offerings.

‘Hub Three’ is a captivating compilation of beats that is both familiar and intriguing for techno lovers near and far.


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