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DJ Gaw drops his debut LP ‘Tokyo Nights’ on Onyx Recordings


Don’t you just love that feeling of welcoming back a member of the family after a long time away from each other? Onyx Recordings certainly do, and DJ Gaw releasing his debt album ‘Tokyo Nights’ with them is a prime example.

As an artist who started his journey with Onyx Recordings back in 2018 with the release of his debut ‘Behemoth’ EP, Gaw returning to the label to release his debut album is a fitting moment for both the artist and Onyx.

Just like a family member’s return from any trip prompts stories about adventures and discoveries, through a mammoth 20 tracks, ‘Tokyo Nights’ explores different moments from the journey DJ Gaw has been on. And it has been quite the journey! From hitting new heights with releases on Born on Road – especially his anthemic ‘Rum & Lime’ link up with Selecta J-Man and A Little Sound – to the success of his ‘Dutchie’ free download, which has been reworked and remixed by names including Crossy, Nicky Blackmarket and Aries.

But this album journey started four years ago before Gaw had even released any music on Onyx, and that’s why you’ll be able to hear the progression of his sound throughout the 20 tracks.

From the core jungle sound of ‘Creation”’ which has been Gaw’s root influence from the beginning, to the garage curveball of ‘Feels Wrong’ (Feat. A Little Sound) opening up a fresh window into Gaw’s music interests outside of Drum & Bass. And of course, let’s not forget the signature jump up sound in ‘Don’t Talk’ that initially drew Onyx to Gaw in the early days.

As far as debut albums go, it’s fair to say ‘Tokyo Nights’ is a mammoth production delving deep into Gaw’s story. But no story is told without the help of others, and that’s why Gaw wanted to get a range of friends involved to help bring new meaning to it, including Exile, Disrupta, T-Man, Kumo, Banditt, Nozz, Madrush MC and Natty D.

The world may still be an uncertain place with events hanging in the balance, but one thing we are sure of is DJ Gaw’s debut album being a story everyone can find enjoyment in.

Today we premiere ‘Creation’ which I love! Check it out below! DJ Gaw’s ‘Tokyo Nights’ LP dropped today on Beatport and Spotify, make sure you bag yourself a copy from the purchase button!


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