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DJ GAW releases on brand new Off-License Records


Off-License Records is a brand new Drum & Bass label based in Manchester which has been set up by Harrison Davies-Ball who is one half of High Demand and Kieran Bradley aka Enigma. The pair have been on the dance music scene for around 3 years with Kieran making the switch to Drum & Bass only last September!

“We decided to launch Off-License because we felt there was a gap in the market to do things differently, and from personal experience of working with other labels, we felt like we have the professionalism and drive to really push our artists who for the most part are massively underrated.

We also want the label to be like a family, making sure the artists come first as without them the label would be nothing! And as well as this we want to really push the ‘Off-License’ theme, we started with a unique logo and have lots of plans of how to incorporate this more but we can’t share too much just yet on that front!”

Off-License Records are not pinning themselves to one specific style or sub-genre instead deciding instead to incorporate all styles from Halftime to Jungle, Minimal to Rollers and everything in between, as they want to make sure they’ve got the whole spectrum covered so if the music’s right for them and they love it, they’ll sign and release it.

“We want to make a platform where artists want to keep releasing with us, making sure that we focus on the quality of the music and also making sure they are sorted out first and foremost. Although we’re still early doors, we’ve had a lot of great feedback already from bigger names in the scene and we’re both excited to see where we can get the label to!”

With releases scheduled every month for the next 6 months and club nights in the planning stages for when the pandemic is over, things are looking good for the fledgeling imprint. They are open to demos and detailed feedback while the label is in its infancy so drop them a nice email: offlicense.records@gmail.com

To launch Off-License Records they are releasing the first volume in their ’24/7′ series, which they hope to repeat every June going forward. The VA is comprised of 7 brand new tracks from DJ GAW, GLM, Xenon, High Demand & Enigma, Sentic Cycle, OHARE and Pseudonym. It’s due for release on 23rd June and today we premiere DJ GAW ‘Jungle Clapped’.

DJ GAW is no stranger to DT after having won a competition we ran with Nozstock Festival in 2017, the prize was to play a set at the infamous Cubicles stage, which we saw and he smashed! Since then he has not stopped pushing himself both as a DJ and a producer. He has caught the eye of many of the scene’s leading names such as Aries, Kelvin 373, Selecta J Man, Kamoh, Gray, Crossy, AC13, DJ Hybrid, Aphrodite, Bryan Gee, Nicky Blackmarket, Macky Gee, Audiomission, TJ, Dazee, Barrington, Damageman and more. He’s also had some really solid releases on labels like Born On Road, Despicable Bass and Onyx Recordings.

Check out ‘Jungle Clapped’ below, it’s a free download so make sure you grab it from here


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