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Reviewed: Thread ‘Crooked’ EP on Onyx Recordings


Thread’s EP ‘Crooked’ comes with no disappointment and stacked full to the brim with some undeniably insane production. Each tune absolutely bangs. The Bristol based artist has created a versatile display of his talent and musical abilities. It’s no wonder his tracks have already caught the eye of some of the biggest in the scene. 

‘Crooked’ is rightly so the first track of this EP. A personal favourite from this selection, it  introduces you to his style by starting off eerie and building up in drums and volume, making you listen with close ears. The darkness of the song’s first section is matched with really clean drums and an extremely satisfying first drop. The touch of the melody from the vocal sample gives the song a second feel, and the tune grows from techy, to silky, to slightly spacey. It takes a good producer to be able to merge all those ideas into one and Thread has done really well to put it all into one tune and make it work. 

Operate remixed ‘Crooked’ to a murky, darker and more grabby version than the original, giving it that Operate flavour. Both of these tracks are delicious rollers and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear these filling up the speakers, even in these peculiar ‘sit down rave’ days!

‘In Mind’ comes in as the second track of the EP, and starts off with similar sounds to ‘Crooked’, creating a signature sound for the producer. I would still recognise this as one of his if I hadn’t known better. The atmosphere of this track as a whole is heavier, deeper, alluring and sensual. I can picture it in a dark, underground space, making everyone dance a little lower. It’s dropped at an ideal time, as its spooky undertones would suit any Halloween rave. 

Hearing a liquid track come in after those two big tunes is a captivating way of showing how versatile the producer is. He smashed this song with its relaxing melody and beautiful lyrics. The gentle breaks and angelic vocals create the ideal soundscape for ‘In Mind’. I couldn’t miss the chance to note how meaningful and important the theme of this song is, it’s worth listening closely to the lyrics.

Mental health and anxiety is a hugely important subject, especially in the unprecedented times we are living in and the struggles we have all faced. Whether it is as musicians, creatives or just as people. Definitely time to tip the hat to Thread for acknowledging and incorporating that into this EP, and done with such delicacy, this track is a unique part of the EP for that reason.

Starting off with some brass-sounding synths, ‘Let it Go’ follows on nicely from the track before, sticking with the liquid vibes. Thread has once again here shown us how versatile of a producer he is. Whilst this track has less packed into it, it works well letting the vocals and synths carry the tune through. He generally reminds me of an early Satl and I thought of it especially for this tune, which is a high compliment to Thread at such early stages. Really one to keep an ear to, I can see him following similar footsteps and I hope we hear a lot more where this came from.

‘Tell You So’, the final track on the EP, tippity taps you into the tune. Accompanied by some organic sounding drums, it gives me real Bredren feels, similar to his track ‘Thin Line’. When the cheeky wob comes in it makes you bounce in your seats (…at the rave – as that’s all we can do these days). The melody and vocals really smooth out the song, giving it an extra lift and again showing off his skills. This track has a more simple feel to it, giving a taste of something for everyone on this EP! 

This collection of tracks is a clear indicator of how insane and multitalented Thread’s productions are, delivering us plates of different flavours and collecting them up into one banging package of tunes. His productions remind me of an early S.P.Y, and it comes as no surprise that he’s been noticed by some of the biggest names in the industry – from DJ Marky, Grooverider, Satl, Charli Brix and Degs to name a few. ‘Crooked’ as an EP is something we all need to treat ourselves to, and one kicking off Onyx Recordings ‘Jet’ series showcasing the deeper and darker side of drum and bass. 

This one is one to watch out for…

Thread’s ‘Crooked’ EP is out now and available to buy from here

Social links

Thread (Facebook) – https://www.facebook.com/threaddnb

Thread (Soundcloud) – https://soundcloud.com/threaduk

Onyx Recordings (Facebook) – https://www.facebook.com/OnyxRec/


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