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Renegade Riddims: Frenetic & Natty D



Photo by: monicamartini.co.uk

Frenetic by name and frenetic by nature, the word isn’t just the alias the 24-year-old breakout star of the Birmingham scene has carved out for herself, it’s also the perfect way to describe the sound of her sets and an even more accurate way to illustrate her explosive entrance into the world of drum & bass.

Her sound builds heavily on her roots listening to the likes of Serial Killaz, Bladerunner, Dillinja and Shy FX, but has evolved to incorporate a good deal of the gritty edge she’s absorbed through her immersion in the UK’s second city. Expect heavy hitting rollers, big basslines and rattling breaks. A junglist through and through, she comfortably dips into sounds right across the spectrum, drawing crowds in with her flawless selection and innate energy, bolstered with a healthy dose of dubs supplied by many across the scene who’ve recognised her talent and passion.

This combination has proved magnetic to all around and Frenetic has found herself getting booked across the board; having already represented at Playaz, RAM, Critical, Shogun Audio and even twice opening up for S.P.Y’s legendary Dubplate Style at Hospitality. She’s also been recognised in her local scene and beyond currently holding down 10 residencies including Rough Tempo radio, Broken Minds – Bimingham’s longest running drum & bass night and Rumble in the Jungle – the award winning jungle night based in Bristol.

Having just completed a hefty festival season of: NASS, Hospitality on the Beach, Nozstock, MADE, Truefest, Illusive and Hospitality in the Park she’s showing no signs of slowing down with some massive club bookings in the pipeline. She’s a little over 2 years deep in this scene so is definitively someone to keep an eye on.

Natty D

An MC, Host and Lyricist, Birmingham’s Natty D is a versatile microphone champion who hones his craft across a wide range of sounds in underground dance music.

After his dad and brother infused his young mind with a range of rave music alongside generous heaps of dub and reggae, he found a love for drum & bass, grime and bassline as a teenager. This eclectic mixing pot of sounds; from Bob Marley and Steel Pulse to Dizzee Rascal, Kano and the Ragga Twins gave him a solid foundation from which to draw inspiration for his own unique sound.

As well as performing along the length and breadth of the West Midlands, Natty has gone on to play in cities such as Bristol, London and Manchester. He’s made his mark playing seminal events like Rupture and Rumble in the Jungle, at foundation venues like Corsica Studios and Bristol’s Blue Mountain. He’s also performed at a multitude of festivals including: Hogsozzle, Shambala, Valefest and MADE.

He’s had the honour of performing alongside a huge range of respected and influential selectors such as; Kenny Ken, Storm, Chimpo, Remarc, Serum, T>I, Loxy, Nicky Blackmarket, N-Type, Dazee, Aries, Ed Solo, Audiomission, Altern8, Epicentre, Kelvin 373, Benny D, Charlie P, Cheshire Cat, Data 3, Double O, Jinx, K-Jah, Liz-E, Looney, Mark Dinimal, Margaman, Mrs Magoo, Resound and Slick Don.

With residencies for; Listening Sessions, Tunnel Vision, Static Hi Fi, Liquescent and Junglists Run Come, along with forthcoming releases for Listening Sessions and Inhabit Recordings the future is looking bright for Natty D, with hopes for many more festival bookings and plans for an EP in the near future.

Frenetic & Natty D were first booked together just over a year ago at Orbit at Birmingham’s Lab 11 and have not looked back since. Their individual styles merge into a dangerous synergy appreciated by crowds throughout Birmingham and beyond. This mix showcases the pair’s talent and versatility taking the listener on a journey through a range of styles within drum and bass amidst some dangerous double times and weighty triple drops.

We first met Frenetic at this years Nozstock and have been eager to get her on our mix series ever since. When she asked if she could team up with Natty D for this we were more than happy as Frenetic & Natty D gel brilliantly together.

Check out Frenetic & Natty D and their Renegade Riddims mix below and download it from here


Chase & Status - Can't Get Enough
DLR, Break & Randall - Song & Dance
Particle - Silver Crown
Klinical - Africa (Black Barrel Remix)
Fixate - What Goes Around
Kumarachi - Have You Here
Sl8r - Spine
Epicentre LV-246
Euphonique - Gangstar
Octo Pi & Rogue One - U Bad
Epicentre - Jungle Book
Tuskan - The Deal
Slaine - BHX
Ill Truth - Leng
Alibi - Scuffed
Dark Soldier - Kong
Subcriminal - Ghosts n Ghouls
The Sauce - Mr Robot
Bladerunner - Level Up
T>I - All I Do (Cool Hand Flex Remix)
Kumarachi & Epicentre - Evolve
Soko - Marksman
Margaman - Obeahman
S.P.Y - Rock Da House
Kumarachi & Sedo - Frog Belch
Euphonique - Criminal
Ill Truth - Catch A Break
Octo Pi - Broken
Capone - Friday
Trex - Rude Awakening
Kamoh - Meddling Kids
Koffee - Toast (Chopstick Dubplate Remix)
LSB - Potshot
Particle & Mangugu - Bang
Coda - Chinese Finger Trap
Hoppa - Love & Dreams
Disrupta & Nautik - Junglist
Arttu - Braincrash
Kumarachi & Epicentre - Patterns
L-Side - Dubmonster VIP
Too Greezey - Fled The Scene
Heist - Sludge
Mampi Swift - The One 

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