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Task Horizon drop ‘Like This’ on Evolution Chamber


We rave ‘Like This’. We roll ‘Like This.’ We vibe ‘Like This’… 

Finally, after what feels like an eternity but has actually been 18 months since their ‘Raised By Robots’ EP back in September 2020, long-standing Drum & Bass collective Task Horizon return to the Evolution Chamber mothership with an almighty bang. Get ready for ‘Like This’, which is an absolute barnstormer of a track featuring the one and only Killa P

Task Horizon aka Aaron Von Schroeder, Jean Michel Thomet, Florian Suter and Tim Kleinert have been heavily influenced by the chaotic sonics of Drum & Bass. Hailing from Switzerland, they drew on the long, dark winter months to help craft their music in sonic solitude. Within this backdrop, they’ve seen their reputation steadily grow with every technologically solid record they’ve released.

Wicked to the core, ‘Like This’ sees the Swiss troop taking things back to Drum & Bass music’s most rough and ready roots. Pure fire and ice; The track is built up around an incredible grizzled-out turbine bassline, crisp synapse-snapping percussion and venomous one-liners from the legendary Roll Deep MC Killa P. 

No epic theatrical frills. No big moments of euphoria. No unnecessary drama. Just timeless tension, heaviness and good old fashioned gully grit. Whatever your chosen subgenre, whatever your technique, we guarantee this will complement your set because it’s raw, it’s honest, it’s straight-up Drum & Bass mate. 

After such a long wait for new material, no one saw this coming. And there’s plenty more to come from both Task Horizon and the Evolution Chamber camp throughout 2022!

Check out our premiere of ‘Like This’ below. The single drops this Friday 25th March, make sure you grab a copy from here!

Like This cover

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