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Task Horizon set to drop ‘Raised By Robots’ EP


After being locked away in the Swiss mountains, Task Horizon have delivered their biggest release of 2020. Comprising of four brand new tracks, their ‘Raised by Robots’ EP pulls together the talent which has made their sounds so easily identifiable.

After spending years perfecting their craft, Task Horizon are set to unleash another set of tracks on their ‘Raised By Robots’ EP on Evolution Chamber. Once again they are joining the ranks of Receptor and Magnetude. The label’s looking like one of the strongest contenders of this year. Its unstoppable release schedule is a testament to this. We’ve been actively supporting the label since conception and have loved the output so far.

Opening up the ‘Raised By Robots’ EP is our premiere ‘Legacy’. On top of zapping bass stabs, plucked electronic strings and a climatic first breakdown, it pulls you deep into the world of Task Horizon. Next up is ‘Shrink Ray’, with rolling drum rhythms and twists of sonic crackling beneath its percussion. ‘Mindfragger’ focuses more on the group’s chaotic side. It draws you in through its fluctuating note patterns and driving synthesis. Then finally ‘Drowning in Fire’ closes the EP. This one goes straight for the jugular with another selection of cutthroat precision and chaotic drum sequences. The refined mechanics of Task Horizon ooze through the record. Ducking and diving through its jagged bassline shows their penchant for carefully orchestrated sonic chaos.

The story of ‘Raised by Robots’ streams across both the EP’s music and artwork, which is a defining part of Evolution Chamber’s short history. It’s a label of epic and creative proportions. Through artists like Task Horizon, they’ve been able to blur the lines between Drum & Bass and the sci-fi reality of their musical vision.

Check out Task Horizon ‘Legacy’ below. Their ‘Raised By Robots’ EP lands on 25th September. I can’t encourage you enough to grab it from here asap!


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