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Dope Ammo & Nicky Blackmarket remix Top Buzz ‘Living In Darkness’


When Moondance and Dope Ammo collaborate on an album project, they really don’t mess about. Part 3 of the album sampler hits hard with a roster of big names slinging out tough beats with that essential old school vibe. Whistles and horns inside the ride! Kicking off the release is Dope Ammo and Benny Page’s take on ‘I Need Your Loving’ which gets spun 360 degrees by Halflight who’s ramped-up energy levels to a new maximum, slotted in some choice samples and one hell of a destructive low end that drives the track through the ground. The track also features the vocal talents of the amazing Cat McTigue.

You know when Nicky Blackmarket links up with Top Buzz and Dope Ammo that magic is going to be created in the studio and that’s exactly what’s happened here with their version of the classic hardcore tune ‘Living in Darkness’. This time around Mad P has proved some choice lyrics, adding some trademark vibes to the mix alongside that legendary riff. Hold onto your hats when this drops!

RatPack need no introduction, neither does Pete Cannon, to be honest, so when you hear this effortless remix of ‘Searching for my Rizla’ you’re going to ask one question. “Why hasn’t this been done before?”. A certified authentic sound combined with Pete’s true to form production wizardry will have you drawing for this one time after time. Sliding into the outro of the EP with a dub version of ‘Living in Darkness’ for those who prefer to not mess around with vocals in the mix.

Following on from our premiere last week of Dope Ammo & Benny Page ‘I Need Your Loving’ (Halflight Remix) today we premiere another phenomenal remix from the album sampler…Top Buzz ‘Living In Darkness’ (Dope Ammo & Nicky Blackmarket Vocal Remix).

Check it out below! The track dropped yesterday a Beatport and Spotify exclusive with the full album dropping on Friday 1st April, grab it from here!

Top Buzz 'Living In Darkness' (Dope Ammo & Nicky Blackmarket Vocal Remix) cover

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