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Magnetude unleash ‘Valhalla’ on Evolution Chamber


Magnetude’s eagerly-anticipated next single ‘Valhalla’ is about to drop on Evolution Chamber! The duo’s debut single ‘Mantis’ marked the beginning of a new chapter with the launch of Evolution Chamber. The label was set up by Task Horizon, Magnetude and Receptor to provide a creative outlet for like-minded artists and since its inception in 2019, the label has grown from strength to strength. Evolution Chamber’s reputation for being independent and not sticking to any formative rules has gained a lot of attraction from artists across the full spectrum of Drum & Bass, with the label’s next release being the trigger for a flurry of remixes and singles lined up in 2022 from both Magnetude and Evolution Chamber.

The eagerly anticipated and sought after single ‘Valhalla’ constitutes every inch of what Magnetude aims to represent within their compositions. And that’s not to just deliver music for the dancefloor, but it’s their cinematic and storytelling concepts blended with their intricate detail and technical production skills which when combined, create their own unique vision that captivates and immerses the listener and takes you on a journey of endless imagination.

Their Viking tale kicks off with flaring pad arrangements, marching drum lines and harmonised vocal riffs, giving the introduction a regal feel and the initial setting of the story that’s about to be told. As the intro moves into the buildup, the crushing kick-drum hits build up and drop into a sensory assault of distorted bass and unrelenting drums and percussion. The emotive signature vocal sings over the sonic palette of basses underneath that mutate and switch at will.

‘Valhalla’ represents a pivotal moment for both Magnetude and Evolution Chamber, and signifies the start of both the artist and labels onslaught of releases scheduled throughout the year, with both names certain to be echoed far and wide across the full Drum & Bass spectrum in 2022.

Check out our premiere of ‘Valhalla’ below. The single drops this Friday 11th March, make sure you get a copy of this beast for your collection from here!

Valhalla cover

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