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Meph drops ‘Unifying’ EP on SINFUL MAZE


After 13 years of music production, Meph is finally delivering his debut EP and where else than on the label he is the Co-Founder and Label Mastering Engineer of! He invited four CZ/SK forward producers – Decades, Notequal, Mongoose and Holotrope – all of them closely connected with SINFUL MAZE, to demonstrate the sound he seeks and the skills he gained through all the years working on countless music projects across the music genres and industry.

He started his musical adventure by creating Drum & Bass at the tender and shocking age of 11. He is a member of GNRLY Pantherz crew and Bass Drop crew. Meph’s living space is in the small country called Czech Republic moreover he lives in a really small “village” Ženklava.

The first successful release from Meph was a various artist compilation on Bass Drop Records with track called ‘Greed’. Thanks to joining the Bass Drop crew he started to represent himself in big clubs and festivals like: Let it Roll, Beats for Love, Storm Club, Chapeau Rogue, Fabric club, Fluc Wanne in Vienna, Fleda, and many more.

Meph’s ‘Unifying’ EP is the peak and the start line in the career of the man who helped to form the current image of Czech Drum & Bass scene. He also joined the Let it Roll booking agency in 2020… yeah, we know…what great timing! SINFUL MAZE are very happy for this moment and ask you to please, stay tuned for this guy, you won’t be disappointed.

Today we premiere ‘Ironforge’ which sees Meph collab with Notequal and is a proper tearout track!! The ‘Unifying’ EP drops via SINFUL MAZE on 21st May, you can grab it from the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player.


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