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Notequal drops ‘Rudeboi’ EP on Hyperactivity


Seeing off what has been a gargantuan year for rising French Drum & Bass label Hyperactivity Music, Slovakian powerhouse Notequal make their debut on the imprint with the ‘Rudeboi’ EP. This is a four-track collection of hefty, yet cinematic creations.

Notequal is a trio from Košice made up of DJ/producers Absu, Proxer and Longman. They have shined on previous releases with Delta9 and Watchout Music. Aversed in crafting all kinds of D&B including brutal neurofunk and minimal, cavernous cuts, they solidify their reputation in techstep with this latest venture. 

Enticing the listener from the outset, our premiere ‘Dahl’ opens with atmospheric synth pads before springing into a rhythmic percussive drive, pierced by gritty basslines. The title track ‘Rudeboi’ is a comparatively darker number, with punishing drums offset by voweled, saturated wobbles, yelping sirens, and intricate bursts of feedback. Overlaid with bongos, dramatic sweeps and reeling growls, the forward-thinking track is centred around a short, patois-slanted vocal hook. 

On the epic ‘Socket 44’, the group nail the glitched, giddying sound characteristic of contemporaries like Phace and Mefjus, offering their own unique twist on the style. Instruments dart in and out of play left, right and centre; clattering, plucky foley samples and pulsating synth swells sit atop grandiose sine-wave chords, before the song climaxes with a gravelly injection of bass and a frenzied maelstrom of drums. 

Closing the EP in a similar fashion is ‘Shimmer’, a shuffling number bookended by ominous ambient drones and agitated percussive hits. At its peak, the crispy track is punctuated by stomping kicks and untamed, earthy basslines, transmitting a palpable sense of urgency onto the listener and ensuring that neither the project nor the name Notequal will be forgotten anytime soon. 

Check out ‘Dahl’ below. Notequal drop their ‘Rudeboi’ EP on Hyperactivity Music on 2nd December. You can grab it from here


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