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Let It Roll launches TOP100DNB poll for the greatest drum & bass tune of all time


This is a question that gets asked a lot at after parties, I know it’s a game my mates and myself play!

If you could listen to just one drum & bass track for the rest of your life what would it be? I’m talking about that ULTIMATE track, the tune that captures the very essence and magic of this amazing genre! The tune that undeniably screams MAAAATE…THIS IS DRUM & BASS!

This is the question Let It Roll is putting to all drum & bass and jungle fans across the world in the run-up to their largest and most diverse open-air event to date.

The process is simple; visit http://www.top100dnb.com and enter your five all-time favourite drum & bass tunes or remixes.

This is probably gonna be the hardest question you’ll ever face as a drum & bass fan. Choosing from thousands of tracks from over the last almost 30 years and picking your absolute fave is gonna be hard! This is the question that keeps the sesh chat going until stupid o’clock. It’s the fuel of more social media arguments than THAT black and gold dress… TOP100DNB will see once and for all which tunes the world’s drum & bass family loves the most.

The Rules

The rules are simple; any original track or remix is eligible for voting as long as it’s an official release. All styles and subgenres and eras under the drum & bass and jungle umbrella are welcome.

Enter your five favourites in the TOP100DNB Hall Of Fame and Let It Roll will compile the results to discover which tunes resonate with us all the most, which tunes capture the essence and magic of the genre that’s brought us together.

The TOP100 results will be revealed at this summer’s Let It Roll festival taking place in Milovice, Czechia from August 1 – 3 2019. The results will be announced with a grand top 10 revealing ceremony on the festival’s second largest stage with a unique audio-visual show!

Let the disputes begin, but try not to lose any friends over it!

Tickets for this years festival are available now from here


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