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Inner Terrain & Wreckless collab on ‘Paradigm Shift’ EP


Born through a link made at the beginning of the first lockdown (Rebel Music’s Dub Wars competition), Inner Terrain and Wreckless have combined to conjure up the ‘Paradigm Shift EP’.

A Metalheadz debut for both, the EP features 4 astute tracks covering various styles incorporating themes of tension and drama as well as romance and beauty. There’s a persistent proficiency throughout the release from start to finish, with both Inner Terrain and Wreckless perfectly demonstrating how to execute a Metalheadz induction.

Pete Galliott AKA Inner Terrain is no stranger to the Bass music scene. Prior to his Drum & Bass project, Inner Terrain had successes with UK Bass House and Dubstep under the alias Killa & Instinct and Ooko. Bristol giants My Nu Leng remixed Ooko’s track ‘Sex Sells’, which pushed him to continue developing his sound.

Now concentrating his efforts firmly within the Drum & Bass scene, Inner Terrain saw his debut EP released on Rebel Music and recently a track on Trex’s Trust Audio.

Wreckless is a Drum and Bass artist from the UK. His first release was signed by Peer Pressure in 2011. Following this Wreckless has released music with Dispatch Recordings, Flexout Audio, Addictive Behaviour and AutomAte.

His initial interest in Drum & Bass was through borrowing tape packs and lurking at the back of local record shops, listening to pirate radio. Eventually, when he was old enough, he started raving at The End. This sparked a dedication to electronic music. As a Drum & Bass artist and DJ the sound could be described as off-beat, hard, inspired by 90s, but with some soul and groove. “It is music for people who don’t really ‘fit in’!”

Today we premiere ‘Paradigm Shift’ which you can check out on Soundcloud below. The EP drops on 28th May and is available for you to grab from the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player!


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