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Wallhack drops ‘Surditas’ EP on Yamatai Records


Jiří Volek a.k.a. Wallhack from Ostrava, Czech Republic is a Drum & Bass DJ and producer. Instead of blood, he has the essence of music and love for Drum & Bass in his veins. Last year, when he released his first label release, he released several tracks on several labels mostly on Sinful Maze. Now he joins Yamatai Records with his new release ‘Surditas’ EP.

Releasing primarily on Sinful Maze and featuring on Yamatai’s ‘Genesis’ VA, Wallhack is a force to be reckoned with. The ‘Surditas’ EP is his best work yet, focusing heavily on the dark, techy vibes on every track. Jiri has absolutely smashed this release and we are over the moon to finally have him showcase his talent on the label with an EP.

“My first EP goes to Yamatai. When I start a new project, I never know what direction it will take and every track is one big experiment for me. But I always grab something that could be a finished idea and in the end I created something that I have a connection and feelings for. Each track has a different vibe and I think I’ve done what I wanted to do with each one of them.

A collab with Meph came about because I sent him an idea and together we created a super original track, and that’s exactly how this EP came about.

Like every track I make, Surditas EP represents how I feel about music, the ears are the basis of how we perceive music, but we perceive music with our whole body. Because when we like something our body reacts to it, and that’s what connects us all.”


‘Step Back’ – Fast gripping drums paired with a cool rolling sub-bass with interesting and tantalising FX hits and stabs.

‘My Show’ – Steppy drum and percussions are the main vocal point on this track, perfectly aligned with a groovy bassline and progressive atmos and FX.

‘Whisper’ – Boasts a dark and eerie atmosphere which slowly grips the listener and then throws them into a tunnel of crispy drums, groovy basslines and techy elements.

‘Control’ Ft. Meph – Takes the listener on a riveting underground journey with techy spices to light the way. The fluctuating basses and exotic mixture of sonically crafted FX make it a pleasing experience, in turn forming a formidable atmosphere.

Today we premiere ‘Control’ Ft. Meph which you can check out below. The ‘Surditas’ EP drops this Friday 3rd March, make sure you grab it from here!


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