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DT DNB Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Inner Terrain


Pete Galliott AKA Inner Terrain is no stranger to the Bass music scene. Prior to his Drum & Bass project, Inner Terrain had successes with UK Bass House and Dubstep under the alias Killa & Instinct and Ooko. Bristol giants My Nu Leng remixed Ooko’s track ‘Sex Sells’, which pushed him to continue developing his sound.

Now concentrating his efforts firmly within the Drum & Bass scene, Inner Terrain saw his debut EP released on Rebel Music and recently a track on Trex’s Trust Audio.

You can expect to hear a lot more music to come from the Guernsey born and bred producer. He is now focusing on some big collaboration projects off the back of his involvement in the recent Rebel Music Dub Wars competition, which saw a really high calibre of music produced in just a few days.

Now, it’s time for Inner Terrain to join our Renegade Riddims mix series! His mix delves deep into the underground sector of the scene and demonstrates his passion for the raw and rugged side of Drum & Bass.

Check out Inner Terrain’s Renegade Riddims mix below and make sure you download it from here


  1. Commix – Behold
  2. Last Life – Ghosts
  3. M-Zine – Reverie
  4. Paradox & Nucleus – Wrath
  5. Kid Drama – Impulse 1
  6. Blocks & Escher – Shadow Play
  7. I.R.L Studios – Doom
  8. Section – Dark Phrases
  9. Jem One – Network
  10. Deviant – Time Flies
  11. Friske – Starship
  12. Homemade Weapons & Roho – Hannya Red
  13. Wreckless – Fresh Kuttz
  14. Infest – Launch Step
  15. Artilect – Warlock
  16. Mantra x Gremlinz – Under The Wire
  17. I.R.L Studios – The Marauders
  18. DJ Trace – Twister
  19. Wreckless – Winters Night
  20. Wagz – Detour
  21. Blocks & Escher – One Touch

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