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Grand Theft Audio set to drop ‘Vibrations XI’ VA


‘Vibrations’ represents the pinnacle of Grand Theft Audio‘s various artist releases. Now in its ninth edition spanning over nine years, this compilation showcases an even more diverse range of current Drum & Bass than ever before. It encompasses a blend of summer anthems, dark and gritty floor-fillers, and exhilarating moments that captivate main-stage audiences. Regardless of your preferred style, you are bound to discover something to adore in this collection of exceptional tracks.

First on the list for ‘Vibrations IX’ is, Intraspekt (also known as Korrode) who exhibits an elevated side with ‘Take The Lift.’ This track combines crunchy, bouncy elements with a touch of reese bass, effortlessly pressing all the right buttons.

Following that, a formidable collaboration emerges from the talents of Guzi, Plasmator, and Woolf from GZ Audio. ‘Every Little Thing’ begins with the promise of a dancefloor anthem but gradually delves into a darker and grittier soundscape, infused with jungle vibes.

Dutch liquid wizard Rubix offers a masterclass in sound design, complemented by the haunting lyrics of American vocalist Sodie. ‘Out Of My Head’ is a guaranteed goosebump-inducing experience.

I.C.U., a name well-known among Korsakov Music fans, has amassed an impressive repertoire of releases with the Dutch label over the past 12 months. ‘Compa’ starts innocently enough with its reggae-style vocals and smooth pads, only to descend into madness when the drop hits.

What a remarkable year it has been for Bristolian Jfal, whose EPs and singles on Jungle Cakes, Grid, GTA, Dub Damage, and many other labels have been selling like hotcakes. ‘Compromised’ perfectly embodies the definition of a subby roller, incorporating abrasive response synths that slice through the track like a hot knife through butter.

Emerging talent Beskar from Scotland joins forces with vocalist Sebotage for ‘Space Creatures,’ an impeccably clean and energetic neuro track infused with elements of hip-hop and tek. This one is sure to ignite the dancefloor.

Junglist Lawton, hailing from Stoke, delivers an intense and captivating rendition of Spraydem‘s classic ‘Shaman’ in the realm of DnB. This dark and rolling display of lyrical athleticism is bound to please the crowd.

Akoma, a dancefloor-oriented DnB artist based in Burnley, unleashes the powerful and techno-infused sounds of ‘Lariat.’ This track is destined to dominate the big festival stages throughout the summer.

Fishy, Liquicity’s shining star and the first Norwegian artist signed to Grand Theft Audio, takes a departure from softer vibes and ventures into melodic LFO-based jump-up with ‘Calculate.’ This fresh take on the subgenre represents a calculated risk that pays off splendidly.

Today we premiere Rubix’s contribution to ‘Vibrations IX’ which comes in the shape of ‘Out Of My Head’ ft. Sodie. Check it out below and make sure you grab a copy of the VA when it drops on Friday 30th June from here!

Vibrations IX cover

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