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Nurve drops ’42 Laws’ EP on GZ Audio


The GZ Audio story continues with Nurve and his ’42 Laws’ EP. With over 20 years of experience, Education & Bass mentor Nurve has released on Function Records, Backlash Records, Root 97, Nurve Music and more recently launched Eleven One One Music. Now their paths come together with ‘42 Laws’, a perfect match for a heavy set of tunes ready to rock any speakers or dancefloor.

First up is ‘42 Laws’, with an eerie opening it unleashes into a weighty roller featuring shrieking synths and punchy drums. Teasing with switch ups keeping the energy vibing, edgy and fierce!

Next, we have ‘One In The Hole’, taking you in a new direction this one leaves you in suspense before it drops into a rocking beat. Seamlessly bouncing with elements all working together in harmony for an addictive rhythm.

Lastly but not least ‘Pass The Aux’ brings an uplifting edge, pouncing into spirited drums, vocals and pads for a flow so lively it will have any raver wanting more! Its atmospheric breakdown gives the perfect breather before it takes control again.

Nurve delivers a stand-out selection for GZ Audio, you don’t need a license for these bad boys, they’re ready and waiting to let loose!

Today we premiere ‘One In The Hole’ which is below for you to check out. Nurve drops his ’42 Laws’ EP via GZ Audio tomorrow (Friday 28th October) and it’s available for you to get your hands on here!

42 Laws cover

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