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Grand Theft Audio Recordings is a name familiar to many artists, promoters and ravers all around the world. In the nearly 9 years since its inception, it’s been the birthplace of such acts as Data 3, Sl8r, Sola, Charlie B, Jfal and dozens of others. While other labels seem to specialise in a particular sound, the ethos behind Grand Theft Audio is a celebration of the full spectrum of Drum & Bass and Jungle. In that regard, this album is a manifestation of this mission statement on a scale never attempted by this brand before, building on the foundations of ‘GTA50’ in 2021.

The ‘Fresh Music Annual 2022’ is the first in what will be a yearly flagship album, where every tune is being released for the first time. Starting as they mean to go on, GTA have sourced 32 brand new tracks from across the globe, across the spectrum of subgenres and vibes and across the full range of producer experience levels, all while maintaining an impeccable level of quality control.

52 producers/vocalists from around the planet have lovingly crafted music for every occasion. From the deepest liquid depths to the bounciest jump-up bangers, through the grittiest industrial tech & neuro slappers, to the choppiest jungle riddims and back to the most anthemic dancefloor stompers, and everything in between. In fact, the genre-mashing and blurring between styles and vibes on this sprawling salute to Drum & Bass is where some of the most enchanting magic happens.

Some of the producers providing the ammunition for this war chest have been making music for a quarter of a century while for others this is their first release. In alphabetical order here are the incredible solo artists and artist groups involved in making this ambitious project a reality:
Affirmation | AJ Mutated | All The Beatz | Beskar | Change Of Pace | Clarkey | Colossus | Corrupted Mind | DA TU | Deazy | Diligent Fingers | DJ Ferro | Drifta | Domini | Dukes | E.R.F | eFly | Error404 | Eski B | ESKR | Gigan | Joely | K Jah | Moisinn | Mzcl | Neil Badboy | Nvrsoft | Organix | Oversight | Perplex | Plasmator | pyxis | Rafiki Dubs | Reeality | Replete | RivalTechnique | Scurrow | Shayper | Sola | Toss-T | Vektral | Wez Walker | Zionov ND

With this album, Grand Theft Audio have made their boldest statement of unity yet. It is an unapologetic love letter to the Drum & Bass / Jungle Music scene that is such a huge part of all our lives. Enjoy.

Today we premiere Deazy’s contribution ‘Godzilla’. Deazy has tracks lined up on Jungle Cakes, Celsius and Fokuz. ‘Godzilla’ is a dark roller that is equal parts monstrous and terrifying. Get it on a system, it slaps! Nice follow up to his free download ‘Keep It Going’ that he did for GTA a few months back.

Check out Deazy ‘Godzilla’ below and grab the first album sampler which drops this Friday 4th November from here!

Grand Theft Audio Recordings Fresh Music Annual 2022 Sampler 1 cover