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Guzi & Plasmator drop ‘Shipment / Pirates’ on GZ Audio


This fifth release from GZ Audio – ‘Shipment / Pirates’ – marks an evolutionary milestone in the history of this budding label. After giving the spotlight to his next-to-pop contemporaries for the last four, now, the founder, architect and general bossman of the whole enterprise is stepping into centre stage.

That’s Guzi, by the way, and if you know anything about him, your expectations will be at Burj Khalifa levels. And that’s before we’ve even factored in the talents of Plasmator, whose ‘From the Dark’ six-tracker released on GZ Audio earlier this year is already making waves among Drum & Bass aficionados.

Guzi and Plasmator waste no time in getting to the point with ‘Shipment’, demonstrating in the first thirty-two bars exactly why this GZ Audio outfit is shaping up to be a major force. An expertly delivered intro, hinting at lurking danger just around the corner, is ramped up by ominous bass tones before dropping into pure mayhem.

Contrast that with the uplifting melodic line and starry-eyed hopefulness in the ‘Pirates’ intro and you’ll see that these producers are capable of delivering vibes from all angles. And even when Guzi and Plasmator deliver a twisted, filthy counterpoint to the melody in the bassline, it all makes absolute, beautiful musical sense as well as providing dancefloor-electrifying energy. Powerful.

So, once again, Guzi’s GZ Audio hits the spot. Rather than relying on the shortcut of big name recognition to build an audience, he’s been seeking out artists who’ve been bubbling just under the surface and who deserved their shot to break through. And, as the label’s story continues, the world of Drum & Bass is about to be introduced to a whole new generation of stars.

Today we premiere ‘Pirates’ which you can check out below. The release drops via GZ Audio on Thursday 21st July, make sure you grab a copy from here!

Shipment / Pirates cover

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