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Evolve & FuZion launch Hierarchy Audio label


Strap yourselves in, as we have a double debut for you. One being Hierarchy Audio, a brand new label to the world of Drum & Bass. The other is Evolve, a DJ and producer and co-owner Hierarchy Audio.

Hierarchy Audio is a Drum & Bass record label with its roots based in the UK. Owned by FuZion and Evolve, the pair aim to bring premium quality music from an indie label perspective and fire it right into the heart of the scene. Springboarding off the back of The Hierarchy Audio Radio Show and with support from Noisia, Phaction, SyRan, Air.K & Cephei, Fuj and Solsan, the duo have given the label a rolling start with so much more to come.

The label is built off the back of a couple of decades of Drum & Bass passion. FuZion joined Kool FM Midlands back in 1999 and launched a different record label in 2003. Evolve embraced music as an art form since the mid-’90s and has been hooked on Drum & Bass since 2001. He began his own productions in 2002 and hasn’t stopped honing his skills.

Their first release consists of two tracks ‘Raid’ and ‘Siren’. If one word could be used, to sum up the sounds you’re about to hear, that word would be clarity. With both tracks delivering heavy-handed kicks, pin-sharp snares and sculpted bass lines throughout, you will soon get a taste for the direction that Evolve and Hierarchy are heading. 

When the deeper understanding of music creation entered his consciousness in the mid 90’s, Evolve was destined to create his own sounds. Genres such as Trance and Drum & Bass are the basis of his passion, and his journey to now has been one of dedication and determination.

The Judge Jules’ shows on Radio 1 in the 90’s started the affair, while Drum & Bass via Kool FM Midlands in 2001 had Evolve itching to try his hand at producing. It’s no exaggeration to say that he basically locked himself in the lab for around 15 years honing and sharpening his skills. Aside from self releasing a track in 2013, he remained in the shadows.

Evolve and FuZion first met in 2016 and neither of the men expected a new label to be on the cards, yet here we are. We’ve got high hopes for this budding new imprint.

Check out our premiere of ‘Siren’ below. The release drops on 20th November as a Beatport exclusive which is available from here and will be on all other platforms on 4th December.


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