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New D&B imprint Hierarchy Audio launches


Hierarchy Audio is a Drum & Bass record label rooted in the UK, founded by FuZion and Evolve, with the aim to fire top quality music right into the heart of the scene with exciting new sounds, pushing synthesis and sound processing technology to the limits.

The team behind the imprint are inspired by a wide range of sound designers, technologically advanced synth software developers, artists and labels. With a strong focus on Drum & Bass, they are drawn to aggressive, menacing and dark bass lines, captivating atmospherics and high impact drums, while maintaining class and stateliness.

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A bit about the team


FuZion brings with him 20 years of Drum & Bass experience, which started with his debut radio show on the legendary Kool FM Midlands on 19 December 1999. While Evolve brings 15 years of production expertise spanning multiple dance music genres, through cinematic productions and of course Drum & Bass. When the pair crossed paths in 2016, a chain of events developed into the birth of this new label.


Following an intriguing social media reveal, spanning almost 3 months and on both sides of the globe, the label has been both hinted at and hidden in plain sight. With social media posts, photos, radio shows outright spelling it out, teaser videos and a secret code woven throughout, Hierarchy Audio may already be in your subconscious without you realising it. The secret code resembles what you may imagine some form of an ‘alien’ text to look like and has been used to disguise the message of the impending label announcement, with the hashtag #project8one pulling everything together.

Future plans

Hierarchy Audio plans to make waves from 2020, with FuZion and Evolve presenting the Hierarchy Audio Show. This 2 hour Drum & Bass show comes to Data Transmission Radio on the third Friday of every month, starting Friday, 17 January 2020 at 10pm GMT. As the show beds in, expect to hear release details during Q1 of 2020, the first of which will be an in house production, while future productions and collaborations currently remain under wraps. Lock in each month to enjoy the sounds of this new label, the latest releases in the scene, a couple of classics and plenty of unreleased and upcoming productions from around the world.

You can track the crew down on their social media accounts. You can find them at the following locations:

Label site: https://hierarchyaudio.com/
@hierarchyaudio: Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook
@djfuziondnb: Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook
@evolve20dnb: Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook


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