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Renegade Riddims: Evolve


If you’re not the kind to look up the latest Drum & Bass news or scour the internet for the latest sounds, you may well be missing out on an exciting new producer in our beloved scene. Our Renegade Riddims mix series is your chance to catch up!

This week we’re joined by one of Hierarchy Audio‘s head honchos, Evolve. He found himself on the business end of production around the mid ’90s. Drum & Bass and Trance are the basis of his passion, and his journey led him to co-found Hierarchy Audio along with FuZion some 2 decades later. In the early years, Radio 1 essential mixes and late-night shows covering the underground scene started his love affair with dance music, while Drum & Bass on Kool FM Midlands caused Evolve to delve into production.

Remaining in the shadows for around 15 years, he honed and sharpened his skills before starting to reveal his sound. You can check out Evolve behind the decks on the last Friday of each month on The Hierarchy Audio Show on DT Radio.

Evolve debuted on his own label last December with his track ‘Siren‘ and brought his second release just a few weeks back with ‘Project 8 One‘. These moves were inevitable after sculpting his sounds over a period of around 20 years.

So, when we received the mix from Evolve, we just had to ask a couple of questions about the track list:

We couldn’t help but notice all the ‘ID – ID’ entries in your playlist. We’ve not seen as many in a RR mix since Exult. You do know it’s not a competition right?

I’d be lying if I didn’t think of it that way. But now you mention it, I really enjoyed that mix from Exult.

Ha! Okay. Sure you can’t share a couple of them?

Not yet. We have some exciting projects in the works at Hierarchy Audio and, as always, we’ll scatter coded breadcrumbs for people to look out for…

Couldn’t help but spot the Dillinja slice. A 2001 release if we’re not mistaken. What made you choose this track amongst all the new and unreleased selections?

2001 was the year I really started to notice Drum & Bass through listening to Kool FM Midlands. So much good music I could have picked from that time but this one always stood out for me.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I’m inspired by many styles of music. Sub-genres of Drum & Bass and a wide range of electronic music. I keep my ear close to the ground for what’s making people tick because nothing inspires me more than seeing a positive reaction from the listener.

Check out Evolve’s Renegade Riddims mix below and download it for free from here!



Lupo & Teej – Dubplate


Evolve – Siren

Waeys & Klincal – Framed

Evolve – Raid

T>I & Particle – Vortex

Septon – Let Me Be

Sano – In Your Eyes

Skantia – Bones

Evolve – Project 8 One

T>I & Dutta – Lava Cake

Azrah – Sines

Nick The Lot – One of Them

Mofes – Flicker

Phibes – 54-46 Was My Number



Dillinja – All Aboard

DJ Hybrid – Rapture (Kastro Remix)


Oakwite – Technology

Unknown Artist – Opus

Technimatic – Mirror Image (Phaction Remix)


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