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DT DNB Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Solsan


Being a classically trained musician, Solsan has always centred his life around music. A multi-instrumentalist and composer, he found himself being sucked into the Drum & Bass vortex while at university, where he read Music.

With his aptitude for composing and a desire to write Drum and Bass, he soon honed his production skills and got to work. Grooving slowly to liquid at the start of his career, he settled into his stride and found the sound he is now known for; deep groovy minimal Drum & Bass with a Tribal, flute twist. This unique sound not only satisfies his instrument playing ability but creates a strong electro-acoustic fusing of two worlds.

To date, he has released on labels such as Amphibious Audio, Addictive Behaviour, Four Corners, SINE Audio and more, most recently his ‘Red Wolf‘ EP on Celsius Recordings. The latter being his biggest achievement to date and a full encapsulation of the sound you expect from him.

As a DJ, he has supported the likes of Philth, Telomic, Monrroe, Wreckless, Koherent and Objective, all within the past 18 months. His Tribal fused sound incorporates his own flute playing into his productions to provide a fresh perspective of Drum & Bass: an organic sound. These inspired tracks feature in his DJ sets, creating a raw, crisp and refreshing experience: the perfect balance between face-melting bass and uplifting tribal soul.

We’re excited to have Solsan join the ranks of our Renegade Riddims mix series with a mix that he has worked really hard on and features a host of tracks from various artists and styles.

Check out his mix below and download it from here


Solsan – Red Wolf
LSB – Subdued (Eastcolours Remix)
One87 & Bredren – Zombie Run
Sinic – Con Sequence VIP
Division – Distate
Pseudonym – White Bass
Solsan – Blood Moon
Solsan – ID
Talkre – Into Darkness
In:Most – Embers (feat. Walk:r & Carasel)
Askel – Murhe Dub
Koherent & Constrict – Dystopia (feat. Jolla)
Klinical – Division
Amoss – The Antidote
Solsan – ID
Klinical – Exhale
Arkaik – Stretch
Macca & Cnof – Cadence
Bredren – Mental Gen
Ewol – Blood Diamond
Monty – Tribes
Kasra & Enei – Disappearing Ink
Solsan – Aghori
OaT – Fever (Tyler Frost Remix)
Solsan – Toltec
Nympho & Arkaik – Curry
Cult – Cult
Kidsonic – Rotations
Solsan – Ghost Dance
Mefjus & Skeptical – Sinkhole (Skeptical Remix)
Facing Jinx, Philth & Wreckless – Shakespeare
Invadhertz – Basic Forms
Melinki & HLZ – Nemea
Solsan – Mictlān
Screamarts – Tribes
Rattle – Erosion
Arkaik – Stay Inside
Bredren & Philth – Implosion
Arkaik & Mystic State – Cobalt
Survival & Script – Chant
Macca & Melinki – Subsurface
Abstrakt Vision – Delusion
Sinic & Wingz – Arpy Boi
Psychical Research – Drama
Solsan – ID w/ Bredren – Solid Surface


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