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Evolve drops ‘Project 8 One’ on Hierarchy Audio


Long before Hierarchy Audio was publicly announced, this track was being played on radio shows, podcasts and in clubs (remember those days?). And before the label was shared with the world, the hashtag #project8one was being posted on social media. If you search for #project8one for yourself, you’ll find teasings of both the name of the track and label through a creative and mysterious code.

Recently, ‘Project 8 One’ from Evolve has been played by Phaction while, right from the very start of this treasure hunt, SyRan have been supporting the tune on their weekly radio show.

‘Project 8 One’ takes you on a winding road of synthesis, subs and, of course, more punchy drums, which you’ll have experienced in his debut tracks ‘Raid’ and ‘Siren’.  

Project 8 One

Evolve found himself on the business end of production around the mid ’90s. Drum & Bass and Trance are the basis of his passion, and his journey led him to co-found Hierarchy Audio along with FuZion some 2 decades later. In the early years, Radio 1 essential mixes and late-night shows covering the underground scene started his love affair with dance music, while Drum & Bass on Kool FM Midlands caused Evolve to delve into production.

Remaining in the shadows for around 15 years, he honed and sharpened his skills before starting to reveal his sound. You can check out Evolve behind the decks on the last Friday of each month on The Hierarchy Audio Show on DT Radio. He will also be making an appearance on Renegade Riddims very soon, where may even hear a little ID-ID for the next release coming to Hierarchy Audio!

Check out our premiere of ‘Project 8 One’ below. This beast of a track is set for release in all good stores on 12 March 2021. Make sure you grab yourself a copy from here


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