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EKOU Recordings drop ‘The Voice of Ekou – VA Remixes Compilation’


It has been a year and 5 months since EKOU had their first ever release. They wanted to do something special when they hit the one year mark. Unfortunately, due to the world being upside down and with all the uncertainty regarding pretty much every aspect of human life, they had to delay the celebration a little bit.

After 11 releases EKOU decided it was time to do something and will try to make a tradition of this. Every year they want to have artists they really look up to remixing tracks that came out on the imprint. Taking a completely different approach on some of the tunes that make the brand live on. 

For the 1st edition of ‘The Voice of Ekou – VA Remixes Compilation’ they’ve managed to gather 9 artists that are on their radar and in the full spectrum of what they have to offer in Drum & Bass. And with no further delays, we would like to present the names of the artists involved in this project… A K A, Creatures, Ill Truth, Molecular, NickBee, Nymfo, Phentix, Rizzle and last but not least Volatile Cycle

Some of these names are some of the usual suspects on the label’s roster and others are producers they rate very highly!

Earlier this month we premiered ‘Warning’ by False Concept and featuring Trafic MC (check it out here). So, we thought it would be a good idea to follow this up with the Volatile Cycle remix! While the original is flipping wicked, Volatile Cycle’s remix takes it to a new dimension and dare I say it…? I prefer the remix…eeeekk…can’t take that back now! But, it is my personal taste and opinion.

Check out False Concept (Ft. Trafic MC) ‘Warning’ (Volatile Cycle Remix) below. The LP will be out on the 5th of February, you can grab it from here


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