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False Concept join the EKOU Recordings crew


After 2020 finally came to an end, one of the weirdest years in the most recent human history, EKOU Recordings start 2021 with an EP from a duo that will surely catch your attention!

EKOU Recordings present to us the ‘Warning’ EP from rising duo, False Concept

False Concept is the culmination of UK based Drum & Bass producers A K A and Sullen. Incorporating intricate melodies, wrapped cleanly around the precisely crafted drum and percussion sections, all layered on top of driving bass elements. Their work often centres around themes of escapism, longing, and existentialism, sometimes in juxtaposition with darker, more minimalist flavours. With their inspirations lying with the likes of Synergy, Dawn Wall, Alix Perez and Halogenix, they aim to emulate the clean, technical proficiency of contemporary dance music, whilst still bringing something fresh to the table.

After their debut release ‘Urge’ EP which dropped on Royal Audio, the duo delivers their ‘Warning’ EP composed of the tracks ‘Run’, ‘Warning’ (ft. Trafic MC), ‘Decline’ and ‘Close’. We’re excited by this release and believe as EKOU do that these boys will go places and you will, no doubt, have the proof throughout 2021 and beyond!

Today we premiere ‘Warning’ (ft. Trafic MC). The lyrics on this really encompass what Drum & Bass is all about for me. The beats are strong, the wubs are on point and it flows superbly!

Check it out below! False Concept drop their ‘Warning’ EP on 8th January via EKOU Recordings, make sure you grab a copy here


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