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12 Things You Never Knew About Ill Truth & Defex


It can’t have escaped your notice that Ill Truth (aka Haden & Jay) and long-time friend and collaborator Defex (aka Edd) have a new joint out on the legendary Guidance imprint which has been causing some serious waves and doing all the usual chart crushing malarkey.

To celebrate yet more fresh fire from Ill Truth and Defex and to give you an insight into these three illustrious producers we’ve got under the hood and assembled 12 facts about them that you never knew, but wish you did. Let’s dive in…


Seen here receiving some Ill Truths over the phone

Wishes he could play the drums

“Honestly producers who can play the drums are so sick. I can’t play anything :(“

Wrote the second drop for Roadkill

“Of all the tracks on the EP, Roadkill was one that never left the tracklist. It was a Defex tune originally but he was struggling with the mixdown so we polished it up and wrote a different second drop.”

Is from Cheddar

“It’s a real place, I swear. Also home to cheddar cheese and the scenic cheddar gorge.”

Wants to collab with Break

“That’d be dope, especially after his insane Breakage remix. I’d love to make a tune with edits that crazy.”


Pictured here: enjoying Djing more than breakdancing

Used to be a break dancer

“It’s actually how I got into DJing. I used to be in a breakdance crew called Mismatch and we needed mixed tracks to go along with the routines so I started making edits and chops on virtual DJ. I ended up enjoying the DJing more than the dancing but long live mismatch.”

Can play the cornet (badly)

“It’s like a trumpet. Admittedly I havent played it since I was about seven but my teacher at the time used to try to get me to practice by telling me I’d have to perfrom in front of the whole school. I hated praticing and ended up doing a car crash rendition of Jingle Bells in front of everyone. Never went back to lessons after that.”

Called the second track on the EP Long Out

“It’s called long out because we all longed out putting together another collab. We went through quite a few existing projects but they didn’t make the cut and then after months of working we smashed out Long Out in a weekend and it worked out great. We thought it needed a name that represented that process, hence Long Out.”

Wants to be a music teacher

“One day I’d really like to have a platform where I can give back to younger people wanting to start music through teaching or something like that. It’s always nice teaching someone something new and seeing them really benefit from it and grow.”


The man himself

Named the whole EP

“The name Roadkill came from a road trip I went on a few years back, where we hit a wild boar in the south of France at about 70mph. The car was totally written off, and had to cram 4 people, (along with all our camping gear), into the back of another car and drive through the night to get to the border. I mean, what’s a road trip without having an accident right? Stay safe kids. I have a picture of it somewhere, maybe for memories, or maybe because I feel sorry for the bugger, I’m not sure.”

Used to be in a synthwave band

“I played drums in a synthwave indie band back in the mid 2000’s, when that kind of thing was big, and supported acts such as Metronomy and the Pistolas. This was probably my first introduction to electronic music and I was fascinated by the sound, and started producing Jungle and Techno coming up to 10 years ago now. It wasn’t till about 6 years ago I dabbled into the world of Drum&Bass and haven’t turned back since.

Also wants to collab with Break

“I feel like we share some form of sonic identity and he’s a top bloke too, so Charlie if you’re reading this, you know where to find me.”

Works at one of the longest-running independent coffee roasters in the UK

“We’re based in the heart of Bristol city center and we’ve just had Channel 4 film us for the Gadget Show, which I’m really excited to see when it’s out. If you love good coffee and want to know more, feel free to drop me a message.”

They’re called Wogan Coffee and you can check them out here.

If you haven’t already you should follow Ill Truth, Defex and Guidance and you can purchase the EP here and impress all your friends with your fresh, spicy tuna.


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