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Ben Rolo lands on Bay 6 with ‘Fluorescent’ EP


Ben Rolo is a name that recently shot to the forefront of the Liquid Drum & Bass scene as winner of the ‘Pieces’ Remix competition hosted by In:Most and Soulvent Records.

Ben Rolo is showing no signs of slowing down as he follows up his release on Soulvent. He has provided 4 cuts of stunningly sublime Drum & Bass on Bay 6 Recordings.

The ‘Fluorescent’ EP perfectly encompasses both Ben’s impressively clean production style and his ear for everything that makes a track soulful.

The release opens up with the sublime sounds of ‘Bicycle Day’. The main piano riff is a subtle lick that will be bouncing around your head for days. The track builds up with subtle, soulful vibes including Ben’s signature choice of Sax riffs. The track’s main drop is a combination of beautifully clean production and soul-infused vibes.

‘Fluorescent’ sees Ben Rolo take things a little deeper in terms of vibe. It features the same crisp, punchy drum work but this time stunning guitar licks are the weapon of choice over the piano. Haunting vocals again provide ear candy as the music develops and envelops the listener. The second drop is a welcome surprise as a short section of half-time drums keeps the track spicy, before dropping back into the bouncy, rolling style from the first half.

‘Dusk’ takes a step back from the straight-up soul and starts off slow. It gradually builds up into a wonderfully rolling drop, akin to the likes of Nu:Tone and Logistics. The drop takes you on a journey with strings that ease themselves in and out. The perfect call and response to such a subtle intro and buildup.

Closing out the EP is our premiere for today, ‘Bleeding Gums Murphy’. Another track that takes a much slower approach to the buildup. Setting the scene with serene pad work and foley that gradually takes you up to the drop. Ben Rolo lays down yet more simple but incredibly effective piano riffs before the track drops into a breakbeat-laden rolling masterpiece. The perfect way to sign off the EP.

Check out Ben Rolo ‘Bleeding Gums Murphy’ below! the ‘Fluorescent’ EP lands on Bay 6 Recordings on 29th January, get your hands on a copy from here


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