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DIS:TURBED drops his ‘Fragment’ EP on Identity Records


With heavy pressure, the stone cold mastermind behind Identity Records, DIS:TURBED, drops another round of minimal heaters designed to wreak havoc on sound systems everywhere. The ‘Fragment’ EP takes the usual culprits – crunchy snares, stripped back subs, and sinister atmosphere – and seamlessly blends them with searing layers of depth and sound that will leave you buzzing with excitement for days.

The title track ‘Fragment’ sets the stage, ushering in otherworldly stabs of FX and booming drums that shape this release . The sheer weight of the drop instantly transports you to the netherworld, as the vibrating intensity of the sub glues the body in place. With rolling clicky hats and drifting hypnotic Fx worming their way into the mind, this song reveals itself to be a powerhouse in every way imaginable.

Joining with the explosive producer Headroom, ‘Stab In The Dark’ is a savage exploration of growling subs and tough edged beats that go straight for the head. The swing of the rhythm counterpoints the mutating riffs that swirl about, creating the thick saturation of sound that gives the tune its threatening vibe. Relentless and driving, it cleverly rides the thin line between minimalism and energy that makes it such a definitive tune.

‘Lovely Jubbly’ sees Katon joining the fray, bringing his signature throbbing bass sound to the mix. The mesmerizing hum of the bassline drags you deep into its center without a warning, as the punch of the kick and snare fuses with the razor slicing of the hat shuffles to overtake every sense in your body.  That bubbling feeling intensifies to a fever pitch, revealing the addictive potential that lies at the heart of this track.   

Delivering the final punch is ‘Simmer’, a collaboration between DIS:TURBED and Array. Grinding away from the very beginning, it’s a ferocious mix of overpowering bass and rolling rhythms that stretch out infinitely. The menacing chop of the drums further drive this impact, disorienting the listener into submission. Each layer slowly encroaches on one another in cyclical fashion, creating a massive buildup of frequencies that shatters the mind upon its final release.   

Today we premiere ‘Stab In The Dark’ with Headroom which you can check out below. The ‘Fragment’ EP drops today (Friday 24th February) and is available for you to get your hands on from here!

Fragment cover

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