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Tek returns to Identity Records with ‘The Truth’ EP


Stacked with fiery rhythms, explosive drums, and razor-sharp sound design, Tek is back with another round of speaker-smashing tracks. On his last release on Identity Records, he proved he was one to watch, and ‘The Truth’ EP solidifies this a thousandfold. Each track is laden with everything that defines the deep underside of the genre: spacious yet intense soundscapes, drums so thick they defy the imagination, and overwhelming subs that subvert the senses. There’s no denying the inherent power in this release, and your only choice is to dive right in.

Starting the release is the title track itself ‘The Truth’, fusing haunting atmospheres with perfectly crafted stripped-back drums. These intertwine with increasing intensity to lead us directly into the powerhouse drop. This track demonstrates what a deceptive force simplicity is; the tenacious mood created by the crunchy snare and grave-robbing subs drive the track continuously forward, with high-speed shuffles and blasts of bass growls dotting the soundscape. All of these layers interplay seamlessly, forging the addictive rolling vibe this song carries.

With a meandering storm of pads, ‘Antidote’ subtly builds the tension from the start. As it hits an unbearable peak, the drop rises from out of nowhere to launch the song into the stratosphere. A constantly shifting and mutating world of sounds collide in this track – the sub-work is especially ingenious, alternating between pure driving lows and a body convulsing mutant wobble. Using a ghosty vocal sample along with bubbling sci-fi fx, each section counterpoints the other to deliver the deep yet vigorous energy that epitomizes the track.

‘Delirium’ is a serious workout straight from the black hole. It is an infectious exploration through the world of sub-bass – the sub is staggering, reaching depths and tones previously unheard of. The pop of the snare and thump of the kick further solidify the overpowering nature this track has devoted itself to. As it keeps thrusting forward, the pacing of the rhythm melds effortlessly with the ferocity of the bassline; add in multiple doses of frenetic shuffles, and you get a tune that breaks the sound barrier along with the dancefloor.

Closing out the release is the dark chasm of sound known as ‘Olympus’. A rambunctious frenzy of shuffling hats, gravity-defying subs, and hypnotic motifs morph into a unified force that defines the track. Refusing to let up, it instantly transports you to a pitch-black ravine seated between the most sinister of mountains. The meticulous attention to detail in this track is readily apparent; the precise layering and tonal character of the elements create unexpected dynamic shifts and is exactly how it continuously draws you in deeper.

Today we premiere ‘The Truth’ which you can check out below. The EP drops on Identity Records this Friday 24th June, make sure you grab yourself a copy for your collection from here!

The Truth cover

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