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DIS:TURBED & Rezin drop ‘Sub Terra / Cabin Fever’ on Identity Records


Incisive and fiendish, Identity Records drops a heavy dose of Drum & Bass in the form of ‘Sub Terra / Cabin Fever’ by none other than DIS:TURBED and Rezin. The two heavyweight talents are well known for their savage minimal productions. They have combined their talents to produce two tracks that twist the mind and body into unrecognizable shapes. Using everything from sinister growling subs and uncanny atmospheres to gritty textures of noise and razor-sharp compositions, these tracks pull from the hidden alcoves of Drum & Bass that are as familiar as they are forgotten.

Throbbing with endless intensity, ‘Sub Terra’ infiltrates every facet of existence with its intoxicating blend of buzzing FX and punchy rhythms; the insect-like hum of the high-end blends effortlessly with the vibrating low-end, creating a searing mood that constantly threatens to overwhelm. Meanwhile, acidic hat shuffles and crackling snares push the energy to its limit, capturing a unique blend between a stripped-back ethos and raucous energy. The further you delve into each element of this track, the deeper its web ensnares you.

‘Cabin Fever’ enlists anxious and claustrophobic energy to deliver the kind of gut punch you never see coming. The subs are as intense as they come – harnessing an ever-present tonality that defies all logic. Using an incredibly tight and precise rhythm section accompanied by long blasts of fuzz and disembodied FX that drift in from all directions, DIS:TURBED and Rezin have crafted a serious weapon; one tailored perfectly to breach the power of sound systems worldwide.

Today, we premiere ‘Sub Terra’ which you can check out below. The 2 tracker drops this Friday 24th November via Identity Records, you can get your hands on a copy here!

Sub Terra / Cabin Fever cover

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