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DIS:TURBED drops fundraiser EP ‘Disposition’ on Identity Records


Employing a palette of equal parts gritty, raw, and mesmerising, Identity Records lands with a killer EP from label boss, DIS:TURBED. With a proven track record of composing hard-hitting numbers that fuse the minimal aesthetic with noise-ridden yet strangely musical motifs, this is an artist who has methodically developed a sound all his own. This is on full display on the ‘Disposition’ EP – four tracks that seek the outermost reaches of bass, align introspective vocals with deep sound structures, rhythms that defy all expectations, and so much more. Lock in for the heavyweight trip you’ve been searching for!

With a ferocious cacophony of sound, the title track ‘Disposition’ wastes no time in amping the tension to the max. The deep growl of the sub is as potent a counterpoint as you can find, creating the feeling of getting sucked into a black hole. With a thick crunchy snare slashing its way through the tune, this is a tough tune that refuses to let anything stand in its way. It effectively sets the tone of the EP and reveals why this producer has been a game-changer on the scene.

‘Whistle Blower” ramps up the intensity a thousandfold, employing a savage combination of razor-sharp snares and dangerous subs that’ll make your head spin for days. The endless driving pace of the song further adds to the menacing vibe of the song, as each hit of the drums revels in the gritty texture of its sound design. Infecting the brain with the power and energy of the stripped-back sound makes this a true force to be reckoned with.

Always seeking the next level to push for, ‘Dissipate’ cements this fact without hesitation. Featuring the fiery vocal talent of Freddy B, this is a dancefloor smasher designed to push the limits of the dance floor as well as the sound system. The rhythmic interplay between the captivating flow of the MC and the music itself creates a hypnotic effect that worms itself deep into the brain, echoing in your head long after it’s over.

Closing out the release is the nether worldly monster, ‘No Bits’. A collaboration with rising talent Scuro and featuring Nanka on vocal duties, this is a haunting stomper that reaches into the darkest depths of your soul. The punishing bassline uses a sinister staccato effect to create a sinking effect, while the rhythm section aggressively throws you around like a rag doll. With the rapid-fire vocals rolling throughout the music, this powerful tune will have anyone stepping to it in no time.

The EP has an added depth to its creation, as it is named after a loved one who passed away due to cancer; their disposition was strong enough to affect everyone they connected with and served as a powerful influence on this release as a whole and in regards to its title. With all proceeds benefiting the St. Michael’s Hospice in Hereford, this is a release you definitely do not want to sleep on!

Today we premiere ‘Disposition’ which you can check out below. The EP drops this Friday 28th October. Please help Identity Records raise as much money as possible and grab a copy from here!

Disposition cover

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