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Maykors debuts on Impact Music with his ‘Knight’ EP


Impact Music are about to add another one of their more stripped back selections to their catalogue and enabling them to do this is producer Maykors. As a newcomer, he demonstrates Impact’s ability to pull through only the most cutting-edge talent; these are the figures who are helping to shape the underground scene of drum & bass as well as everything it represents. And the French label has time after time offered these figures a platform to express themselves, in doing so providing the wider world with the ability to discover their sounds and reflect on the health of the music currently doing the rounds.

The ‘Knight’ EP forthcoming from both Maykors and Impact Music is a further example of how the label and its roster continue to uphold the high standards they’ve coined from the start. Maykors rolls the EP’s title-track out first, with our premiere ‘Knight’ pushing through with a melodic stream of beats and throbbing subs that add to the track’s heaviness. ‘ExMachina’ is next up, with throbbing segments of braying bass, stepping up in levels to create the tracks dynamic hooks. It’s a clever play on a traditional sound and it gives the record an added groove. Cutting through midway is ‘Circus’, allowing its percussion to free flow throughout its intro as you’re gradually drawn into the track’s immersive layers. As the kicks come into play, its melody winds amongst its harder elements before the first breakdown draws in with zipping LFOs. The last track comes in the form of ‘Halo’, with singing vocals taking you up into its first drop before the mix is padded out with weighty subs and rising patches of synthesis. Once the track reaches a more subterranean level, its motion begins to pull you in, and you’re submerged under Maykor’s production standard.

Each track dissects the versatility within Maykor’s sound. Pulling this together for one package, he makes an emergence on Impact Music with a fresh arsenal of weaponry.

Maykors ‘Knight’ EP is out on Beatport as an exclusive on 3rd April and all other platforms on 17th April. Check out our premiere below and please support the artist and label by buying it from here!


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