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Maykors returns to Impact Music with his ‘Losing’ EP


Impact Music have ensured that they’ve stayed at the top of their game, delivering cutting edge music whilst still keeping their sound inherently underground. Since 2016, they’ve represented a host of artists, including well-loved figures in the scene’s darker corners, the type to take you into the night at any notorious capital hot spot. Their roster has always ensured that the imprint stays one step ahead of its more commercial counterparts and this next EP from Maykors is no different.

The ‘Losing’ EP capitalises on a vision that Maykors has worked on in sonic solitude for quite some time. It’s deep, yet understated, a perfect mixture of moving basslines and dark atmospherics. Title-track ‘Losing’ provides exactly that, becoming the centrepiece and providing you with the first slice of Maykors’ repertoire. With weighty sub and clattering hi-hats, the frequency ebbs and falls from segment to segment. Each layer adds yet more definition to the track’s composition, becoming an intimidating blow for Maykors.

Maykors Losing EP cover

‘Ritual’ is subterranean, providing the depth of Maykors’ capabilities. It’s a brooding number, one which doesn’t let up and keeps taking you lower between each break. Each crafted section is as crushing as the next and soon you’ll be unable to pull yourself from its grasp. On the other hand, ‘Artengo’, the collab with Paul AF, is a more tantalising take on Maykors’ production, with elevating bass notes and rattling skits peppered throughout. It proves the vitality that Maykors injects into every one of his crafts, an amazing balance of hard-lined Drum & Bass and class.

And finally, on the remix duties, we have Moytra that finishes the EP. Yet again, you’re driven across Maykors’ ingenious designs, with clattering percussion and expertly manufactured LFO. If you’re looking for an artist who doesn’t conform, then Maykors is for you. And even if he isn’t, you’ll still become enamoured by the power of his cleverly fashioned beats.

Today we premiere ‘Artengo’ which sees Maykors collaborate with Paul AF. While it plays I can picture myself in a dark rave, dancing like no one’s watching. You can check it out below. The ‘Losing’ EP drops on 12th March via Impact Music, make sure you grab it from here


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