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Reviewed: Portable ‘The Transit of Mercury’


Portable’s new album ‘Mercury in Transit’ references a rare astronomical event when the closest planet to the Sun passes directly between the star and a superior planet.

The 8 track LP is the shimmering product of arguably one of the most favoured multi-talented underground electronic acts, unleashing an other-worldly wealth of solitary craftsmanship. As his sixth album and two decades from his debut release, it swoops in like a UFO.

Diverse sounds can be found in abundance from the South African who always looks to the future. ‘This Horizon’, ‘It’s Been Long’ ft Korus and ‘You Hacked Me’ are driving, bubbling, melody fuelled dance floor journeys. Softer ambient moments come on ‘One Earth’. Tempos fluctuate throughout with Abrahams’ vocals controlling at certain times, whilst at other times floating above a tapestry of electronic vibrations. ‘Climb’ builds as a percussion-laden crescendo, but not before an all-out whirlwind in the form of the epic ‘This Passing Moment’, which bring things to a fitting close.

This album is a special edition of treats from the Parisian-based producer who recently celebrated the launch with a dazzling set at Panorama Bar.

‘The Transit Of Mercury’ is out now on Khoikhoi Records and on all major platforms and available from here


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