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Seereal drops ‘They Say’ EP on Impact Music


The sounds of Lyon based drum & bass record label Impact Music have infiltrated club spaces; since their launch, they’ve let loose several destructive tracks and these have helped to create its now impenetrable reputation. Whether its names which hold a titanic weight or those that are only just beginning to build their sonic weaponry, Impact Music doesn’t discriminate when it comes to welcoming producers into their roster. And from the beginning they’ve ensured a workflow which has maintained their position on the map, something which can be seen through how pervasive their records are throughout the live circuit – there’s not one drum & bass night which doesn’t feature a cut from Impact Music.

For their next release, they’re focusing on the more emerging talent that comes through their ranks. One of these artists is Seereal. Hailing from the French capital of Paris, his releases on the likes of IM:Ltd, Celsius, Disturbed, Citrus and Directors Cut have made him a fan favourite, something which can be seen through a crowd’s reaction to his music. Seereal also recently launched his own imprint called Huski Team. His forthcoming EP ‘They Say’ not only pedestals cuts from himself, but it also brings on board Reptile for a mind-bending collaboration and together they pay homage to the Impact Music ethos.

Seereal artwork

First on the track list is ‘They Say’, an upfront anthem which boasts a danceability not many hard-driving slammers can match. If it’s your first introduction to Seereal, it’s certainly a baptism into fire, with an underpinning of instrumental melodies.

Our premiere ‘Bless It’ follows suit and it’s just as dynamic, taking you along a whirlwind of flipping kick drums and rolling atmospherics.

Finally, Seereal and Reptile join forces on ‘Back to the Field’, oozing with Bristolian vibes through a Parisian lens, with its gritty bass patches and cranking drum sequences.

Like Seereal, Reptile is making his own place within the newcomer streams of drum & bass and together they make a resounding impression. Ending another diverse EP from Impact, ‘They Say’ will see the imprint invest in yet more upcoming talent. This is something they’ve committed to from the start and it’s one of the many reasons why they ensured their longevity.

Seereal drops his ‘They Say EP on Impact Music on 13th December. Check out ‘Bless It’ below and grab the EP from here


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