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Lorenzo Bartoletti – Smokey Job



Label: Alfa RomeroScore: 8/10  

Lorenzo Bartoletti is an Italian producer who, alongside his compatriot, Prudo, runs the increasingly prominent Alfa Romero imprint. The label’s is one that adheres to everything in expert fashion, with every aspect – from the artwork straight through to the music – adhered to with a sophistication that’s in keeping with their Italian heritage.

For the label’s fifth release, it’s Bartoletti who takes centre stage, with Smokey Job proving a fascinating insight into both the artist and the label’s modus operandi. The spine of the track is built around a seriously effective bassline, the type of which is as unrelenting as it is downright fun and worth losing yourself in for the duration of its nearly seven minutes.

On remix duty is a man who needs no introduction in these parts, Reboot. His remix is indebted to crashing percussion, although it also lets light sneak in thanks to the original’s not yet jettisoned bassline. More ominous but not not as striking as the original, it’s still a fitting send-off on an EP that’s laden with flair from the very beginning.



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