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Label: Alfa Romero
Score: 7.5/10

One thing you can’t fake is chemistry. And Italian duo Prudo and Lorenzo Bartoletti have got plenty of that as Alfa Romero, evidenced once again by their latest release, ‘Fake Lovers’. The pair’s natural simpatico is apparent throughout their work together as DJs, producers and label owners to a point where the collective Alfa Romero ethos dominates individual ideas. The partnership is greater than the sum of its parts and their shared industry enables them to deliver their message with increased potency.

That message is once again one of real quality as the duo launch the next cycle of six releases on their own Alfa Romero recordings with ‘Fake Lovers.’ Like the best of their output to date, the track channels an accessible underground aesthetic by keeping it deep whilst retaining subtle melodic hues. The groove is simple yet addictive, just as the beats are purposeful but not overbearing. The pair’s deft hand in ‘Fake Lovers’ is their ability to let the track evolve and build gradually to the point where, without anyone really realising it, it has flung into top gear and become an intoxicatingly layered deep house cut.

As with all Alfa Romero releases, the original comes with one remix, this time from rising Hungarian producer, Snilloc. He hones in on the spiraling groove for his rework, whilst pushing up the pace and opting for a more driving momentum. The result is track that  bristles with intensity and an old school energy that gives the release plenty of personality


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