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Matteo Spedicati – Never Let Us Go


Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 11.01.53.pngLabel: Alfa RomeroScore: 7/10 

Italian label Alfa Romero have quickly emerged as a dependable source for ghoulish tech-house, the likes of which Tale of Us and Maceo Plex tend to favour. In that sense, their latest is no less enticing. It comes courtesy of Matteo Spedicati, a man, evidently, whose signing to the label is an entirely apt one. And with previous on the likes of Tuning Spork, Amazing Music and Prisoner of Love, his pedigree is pretty high.

Anyway, all of that aside, his debut for Alfa Romero is a pretty impressive one. Entitled ‘Never Let Us Go’, the original is a whispy and delicate slice of haunting house music that steps out from the crowd thanks to its effervescent synths as well as its sultry vocals. Truly spine-tingling in parts, it’s indicative of a label for whom taking the easy path is never really an option.

Prolific UK remixer Ben Hoo then takes the lead for the remix. His take on the track is full of canny drums, zippy, nuanced parts and a vibe that’s part moody, part charming and most definitely minimal. That said, the vocals do breathe new life into the track, and while the background sounds make for an unusual foil, they still come off with some aplomb. It’s unlikely to be a huge crossover hit, but based on its own merits, this is a job well done once more from the Alfa Romero crew. 


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