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Spotlight Mix

Billy Rath joins the Spotlight Mix Series



Billy Rath, owner of Habits records.

He has been working hard on fine-tuning his unique sound through his own productions. This sound consists of raw groove while maintaining a vibe through the atmospherics and synth work! In this mix he really wanted to focus on a variety of sounds which he loves to play out regular, taking you from genre to genre while maintaining that shoulder popping groove. Enjoy!

Billy joins us on our 10th Birthday party series to Nozstock Festival this summer from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd July.  We will be taking over the Elephant’s Grave stage which debuts at the festival last year with a line-up of rising stars including Archie B (Champion Sound), Lordie (Shanghaied), Billy Rath (Habits), Ron MexicoJobi (Driven) and Ben Sterling.

Track list
1. Opa (Original Mix) by Dimmish
2. FKDNC (Original Mix) by Phatool
3. King Fu (Original Mix) by Marcelo Cura
4. Sniffles (Original Mix) by Max Casebolt
5. 2 Pole (Original Mix) by Luuk Van Dijk
6. Together (Original Mix) by Joren Edwards
7. Rail (Original Mix) by Mehlor
8. A1 (Original Mix) by Joren Edwards
9. Monday Blues (Original Mix) by Billy Rath
10. B2 Dub Raw (Original Mix) by Lucianno Villareal
11. Groozin’ (Dubbed Chord Mix) by Billy Rath
12. Democracy Manifest (Original
mix) by Tom Frankel
13. Rehab (Original Mix) by Billy Rath
14. Up The Crane (Original Mix) by Toman
15. Summone (Original Mix) by Seb Zito
16. NeproEp (Original Mix) by Outstrip
17. The Sound of Violence (Franco Cinelli Remix) by Cassius
18. Music On (Battric & MIVU Remix) by Yulia Niko
19. Vermillion (&ME Remix) by Damian Lazarus
20. Kilimanjaro 2 (Original Mix) by Alexkid & Enzo Siragusa
21. V114 (Original Mix) by ?
22. Subsequent (Break Your Heart Mix) by James Cox
23. Observe (Original Mix) by James Winter
24. Ragss (Original Mix) by Seb Zito
25. Right To Move (Original Mix) by DJOKO
26. 9th Flavour (Zest Face) by Casey Spillman
27. Crystal (Original Mix) by Billy Rath
28. A1 Kate (Original Mix) by Max Casebolt
29. Jazz Fusic (Original Mix) by Chris Lattner & Enzo Siragusa


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