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Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Nu-Lo & Peas


Tom Henry AKA Nu-Lo, is a Bristol based Drum & Bass producer and selector. Co-founder of Delirium Sessions, Nu-Lo is currently releasing music on Rebel Music and Locked Up Recordings. Nu-Lo takes inspiration from a wide range of music – from Trip Hop and Funk to Jazz and Hip Hop and loves nothing more than playing the deepest and techiest rollers he can find.

We recently did our first premiere of one of Nu-Lo’s tracks called ‘The Bends’ which is taken from his ‘The Fugitive’ EP which dropped via Rebel Music last Friday, check that out below and grab from here:

Now, Nu-Lo is joining the ranks of our Renegade Riddims series with a mix that includes all the tracks from his recent EP and also has lyrical mastermind Peas hosting the mix from start to finish! (Beware this mix is not suitable for kids!) Also in the mix is tracks from some of Rebel Music’s roster of artists including Creatures, Screamarts and HLZ and also Jaybee, Break, DLR, Fierce & Zero T, Echo Brown and loads more!

Check out Nu-Lo & Peas mix below and download it for free from here!


Sum up this mix in 10 words…

Spawn of Old School and Nu School with extra Peas

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

Star Trails – Rob Data and Kemal

This was really hard – like choosing between your family pet and your first born child…Break’s remix of the Source on INV almost had it – it’s never left my stick and it finds its way into all of my sets. But Star Trails by Rob Data and Kemal has to take this one. This is a track that was made 22 years ago!!  Though you wouldn’t know it – and this one is so ahead of its time. It was made by the guys that would go on to become Konflict and still holds strong – it is one of my top draws.

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

Bangers and Peas (MC)!

Tell us about your next EP?

So my debut EP – which has just come out on Rebel Music this April. It’s a 4 track EP and I wanted to showcase variety. The title track ‘Fugitive’ is a fizzy dancefloor slapper.

‘Rigor Samsa’ – is an atmospheric and breaky number. ‘The Bends’ is just weighty. I spent ages tinkering with a distorted 808 to get a proper good womp out of it – I was well chuffed with how it turned out. Finally, The EP is rounded off with ‘Uncycled’ which is my first attempt at a halftime tune – this one’s a deep viber!

What have you got coming up?

My next release is on James Section’s Locked Up Music it’s on the Inmates vol 4 VA. The track is called ‘Scrutinised’ and it’s got a hook that is pretty Ear-wormy. I’ve also got a few collabs on the go – one with Whychek which is coming out on his next EP on The whole VA is full of some absolute talent so make sure you nab it. I’ve got a few more bits to come on Rebel Music: one is a collab on Whychek’s next EP and another is on the Rebel Alliance IV VA

When was the last time you actually raved?

The last time I had a proper rave was at our Delirium Sessions in March at the Volks Nightclub in Brighton – we had Molecular, Visages Gusto, Ekou Recordings, Sabz and Section from Locked Up records down at the Volks club. It was an absolute vibe from start to finish!

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

Foghorns are not a sub-genre and Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.


ID – ID [Dub]

Nu-Lo x Peas – Dark Rooms [Dub]

Constrict – Caution [Dub]

I Wannabe – Yo Listen To This [Offworld Recordings]

Joakuim – Running  [Syndrome Audio]

SpectraSoul – Poseidon [Deep Soul Music]

PLTX – Sounds [UTM-Records]

DLR – Later than Expected [DLR Dub Pack]

Quartz x Survey – Shrunken Heads (Kid Drama remix) [Acrylic]

Displaced Paranormals. Bredren – Stop and Turn [Inception Audio]

Homemade Weapons, Apostroph – Bounty Hunter (Homemade Weapons remix) [Eternia]

Creatures – Foliage [Ekou Recordings]

Screamarts – Mesmerize [Fragmented Recordings]

Komatic, Technimatic – Make Me Feel [Technimatic Music]

Break – Wondering Why [Symmetry Recordings]

Nu-Lo – The Fugitive [Rebel Music]

The Invaderz – Bring the Walls Down [INV]

Zero T – Rainha (DLR remix) [Dispatch Recordings]

Jaybee, Terraform – DJ [Trust Audio]

Survey – Lifter [Vandal Records]

Nu-Lo – Scrutinised [Locked Up Music]

HLZ – Thinking Soul [Integral Records]

Fierce, Zero T – Turncoat [Quarantine]

The Invaderz, Basic Forces – The Source (Break remix) [INV]

Kemal & Rob Data – Star Trails [Audio Blueprint]

Joakuim – Cre Arte [Iridescent Music]

Dunk, Teej – The Original [Midas Touch Recordings]

Echo Brown – Kusanagi [The North Quarter]

ID – ID  [Dub]

Nu-Lo – Rigor Samsa [Rebel Music]

Nu-Lo – The Bends [Rebel Music]


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