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Renegade Riddims: Novaglitch


Meet Novaglitch, a Colombian DJ and music producer renowned for his expertise in the darker side of Drum & Bass. As the founder of record labels ID BOGOTÁ and OPEN YOUR EYES, Novaglitch has solidified his presence in the industry. He is also associated with numerous international labels, further expanding his reach.

His journey in the music scene began in 2012, influenced greatly by the Drum & Bass crew in Bogota, Colombia. Novaglitch’s distinctive style revolves around a dark and progressive sound, characterized by a captivating bassline that exudes groove and is complemented by atmospheric layers. His talent has caught the attention of prominent labels such as Modular Carnage, Dispatch Recordings, Inception Audio, Citrus Records, Citate Forms, Prestige Music, and many more, where he has proudly signed his music.

With the launch of ID BOGOTÁ, Novaglitch has made significant contributions, releasing a remarkable body of work as a solo artist as well as collaborating with fellow musicians. The label has also become a platform for exceptional underground Drum & Bass music, featuring visionary artists who push the boundaries of the genre.

OPEN YOUR EYES, a newer venture has already made waves. Just a few months ago, they released an EP showcasing various artists, including the likes of Dan Guidance, Echomatics, Nichenka Zoryana, Stimpy, and, of course, Novaglitch himself. Their second release, titled ‘Pastel Tones’ EP, came from the talented Alkali., further establishing the label’s commitment to delivering diverse and captivating music.

Today, Novaglitch joins our Renegade Riddims series with a brand new exclusively curated mix. The mix features music from the likes of himself, Waeys, Headroom, Sustance, SL8R, GEST, Molecular and many more!

Check out the mix below and download it for free here!


Novaglitch artwork

Sum up this mix in 10 words…

Dark and undulating sound, with mysterious and classic dnb notes.

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

Really hard to reduce it and to be honest I would mention several, but without a doubt, a track that could not be missing in my playlist is ZeroZero & Brain – Blud.

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

The ingredient is not to have a monotonous mix and keep a weird sound since everything is to be expected the unexpected

Tell us about your next EP?

The latest release is the upcoming EP, Brain & Novaglitch on my record label ID BOGOTA MUSIC. After a short break, we return with the second album in physical format.

What have you got coming up?

I have some singles scheduled on the Binary Code and SINGULAR labels, as well as some presentations where I will be sharing the stage with DJ Patife and Alkali.

When was the last time you actually raved?

A few months ago at the Radikal Styles festival where (Total Science) handled a perfect curve in their presentation

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

This mix is made with a lot of love and is the result of the selection of a great search for what I represent, I hope you enjoy listening to this set as much as I enjoy mixing these tracks, anyway, many thanks to Data Transmission.


1. Teej & Jappa – System Shock
2. Waeys – Objection (Simula Remix)
3. Rezin – Tune 
4. Healian – Aint My Thing (ft Anthropic)
5. RoyGreen & Protone – Handcracked 
6. Headroom – Flounder 
7. Noisia & Alix Perez – Underprint (DLR Remix)
8. Novaglitch – ??
9. Skopus feat MC Tree – Calibrate The Conscious
10. Sustance – Virtue
11. VariableOp – ?? ID BOGOTA
12. Anthropic – She Makes Me Wanna
13. Duskee & Sustance – SCUM
14. ZeroZero & Brain – Blud
15. Minor Forms – Roll Thru
16. Molecular – The Path
17. Trex & Philth – Shadow Dwellers 
18. VariableOp – Mind Warp 
19. Dan Structure – Accelerator 
20. DLR Alix Perez – Blips
21. SL8R – Asterix (Nymfo Remix) 
22. Data 3 – Covalence
23. GEST – Concentrate
24. Voltage Voodoo feat MC Mood – Make Up (Brain & Novaglitch Rmx)
25. Stuss – Rise Up
26. Filip Motovunski & Joe Raygun – Give.em
27. Altercation – Feel The Vibe (Dopplershift Remix) 
28. Creatures & Joe Raygun – Gonzo Transmission (Molecular Remix)
29. MPathy – Vacillate 


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