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NC-17 ‘Borro’ (ft. Dr. Apollo) [Dispatch Recordings]


NC-17 ‘Borro’ (ft. Dr. Apollo) [Dispatch Recordings] ***Worldwide release date 26th November 2021***

Each part of this album series from NC-17 was written during a year in which the global pandemic took hold, intense political disruption created unstable futures and media outlets across the world became further polarised and outraged, creating vast swathes of angered and confused people, unsure of who to trust. This second edition encapsulates that paranoid, tense, terror – moving on from the looming dread of the unknown that formed the basis of Part 1.

Beginning each part of the album with an entirely new batch of tunes, Part 2 represents 13 of the best cuts from over 50 tracks written just for this chapter of this epic trilogy. By beginning with a fresh palette and creating entirely new music for each section NC-17 was able to keep each part distinct, and the music contained within this speaks exactly to the feelings he experienced during the project.

Alongside 8 incredible solo productions are collaborations with some of the dnb scene’s most notable talents, 5 exceptional tracks featuring Kolectiv & OB1, Myth, Philth, Dr. Apollo and Logam.

Representing the continued development of the NC-17 sound this album includes some of his best work to date, Dispatch Recordings are proud to present ‘Most Violent Year Album – Part 2’ and we’re stoked to premiere ‘Borro’ with Dr. Apollo.


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